A Sneak Peek At Nadine Lustre’s Glamorous Shoot For The #MakingMEGA Reunion

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By now, you might have heard of MEGA’s upcoming June 2018 cover, which will pay homage to #MakingMEGA through an iconic reunion. The reunion, which you will see for yourselves very soon, features some of the industry’s biggest stars. As previously mentioned, one of next month’s cover girls will be Nadine Lustre.

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Arriving inside the studio with a fresh face, Nadine warmly greeted everyone. Despite her hectic work schedule, she still looked radiant from the inside out.

Soon, her transformation with trusted makeup artist Jelly Eugenio and her go-to hairstylist Paul Nebres began. The star showed us that in addition to rocking a natural look, she can do glamorous exceptionally well too.

Stay tuned to see more behind-the-scenes coverage of this #MakingMEGA reunion shoot.