SNAILWHITE Gold’s New Eye Cream Is Every Twenty-Something’s Must-Have

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You’re never too young to start using eye cream

Our twenties are the prime years of our life. In these short years, we have the best of both worlds—somewhere between old enough and young enough. We’re mature enough to make our own decisions, aim for the career we want, live independently, and take on more responsibilities. But we’re also young enough to enjoy late nights with friends, do extreme sports, go on adventures, and have the privilege of figuring out what we still want to do with our life. With both ends of the spectrum at our fingertips, the limit to what we can and can’t do only exists in our imagination. However, there is one catch that most twenty-somethings don’t realize until it’s too late: wrinkles. Most of us think that wrinkles only appear when we’re in our forties or even fifties, and that being younger makes you invincible to these. But the truth is, wrinkles can creep up on us as early as our twenties. So if you think you’re too young to use anti-aging products, think again.

At only 26, I find myself consciously looking in the mirror for traces of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. It might seem absurd to some, but to me, looking out for these is one way of preventing further damage in the future. Aging commonly shows its first signs around the eyes. Frown lines, wrinkles, fine lines, tear troughs, and crow’s feet are the most common signs of aging around the eye area, and they can appear as early as our twenties. These can be caused by stress, smoking, exposure to UV, allergies, a high-sugar diet, or even some personal habits like squinting or sleeping on your stomach that can cause wrinkles on your cheek and eye area. I admit I’m guilty of having a stressful lifestyle, sleeping on my stomach, and squinting especially when I’m using my gadgets, so I know I’m more prone to have wrinkles at an early age. Before these marks of aging make themselves visible, I’ve decided now is the time to reach for a tube of SNAILWHITE Gold’s new Advanced Retinol Eye Cream. 

The gold standard in anti-aging products has rounded up their line with a rich, restorative eye cream that’s sure to be a staple in every twenty-something’s skincare routine. The Advanced Retinol Eye Cream is infused with retinol to prevent wrinkles and smooth out existing fine lines, and 24K lipobelle gold to slow down collagen depletion, increase the skin’s elasticity, and prevent premature aging. This dynamic combination of anti-aging ingredients can erase the tracks of time around your eye area.

The product comes in a handy tube body, capped with an anti-contamination pump that uses airless technology to make sure the cream doesn’t get exposed to outside air, keeping it fresh and sealed inside. Pressing down on the pump dispenses the cream on the built-in eye wand beside it, and you can use this to apply the product around your eyes and massage it on the skin. The built-in eye wand has a dome-shaped end that glides smoothly across the whole eye area, and its size is suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, even for those who have monolid eyes like myself. It’s able to easily massage the area under my eyes, my lids, the outer corners of my eyes, and even reach the small inner corner with no problem. 

The cream itself is thick in texture, with no visible gold flakes. Instead, the gold flakes infused in the cream are nano-sized for easier absorption, and it’s safer to be used on the delicate eye area. One pump distributes enough product for both eyes, so a little goes a long way. The luxurious cream comes out dense, then it melts nicely into a soft thin veil on the delicate skin around the eyes, giving it instant moisturization. It’s spread evenly by the built-in eye wand that also provides relief as you glide it across your skin like a light massage. The cream itself doesn’t have any fragrance which is great news for those with sensitive skin. Niacinamide found in the cream helps illuminate the eye area, fight free radicals, and lighten dark circles that even some concealers can’t cover up. It also has caffeine to reduce puffiness around the eyes, banishing all signs of the late Netflix marathons I go on every night so I always wake up with a refreshed look.

Although I have no visible wrinkles yet, it’s been proven that using eye cream as early as your twenties can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the future while treating existing conditions such as dark circles and puffiness that we all experience during the prime of our life. Early usage of eye cream also prevents sagging of the eyelid which makes you look a lot older than you actually are. It’s one of the huge reasons why eye cream should be applied around the whole eye area, and not just the undereye area, which not enough people know. It will take time for me to see the full effects of using the SNAILWHITE Gold Advanced Retinol Eye Cream, but as with any investment, the results will be better appreciated and more visible in the future. For now, I enjoy how brighter, more awake, and livelier my eyes look in the short time I’ve been using this eye cream. SNAILWHITE Gold Advanced Retinol Eye Cream is the perfect, promising start to those in their twenties who want to be proactive in preventing signs of aging.

SNAILWHITE Gold Advanced Retinol Eye Cream is priced at PHP 795 and available online on Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMnl, Watsons, and Zalora. For more information, visit SNAILWHITE’s website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.