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Rei Germar Shares How Accepting Her Skin Made Her More Confident

Rei Germar Shares How Accepting Her Skin Made Her More Confident

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Getting used to being a known personality is still a process, but Rei Germar reassures herself that as long as she’s confident about her capabilities, everything else will follow

When you’re suddenly thrown under the spotlight of the digital world without even expecting it, your life is going to have a total revamp. Things may remain the same, but there will also be other changes along the way–changes that may not even seem that noticeable at the start. This is how it was for then-college student Rei Germar who started creating vlogs as a hobby. It wasn’t an easy transition at first, from being just a simple teenager to now, a known public figure, especially since it took a while before she even realized it was all happening. Rei knows that confidence is key, and one way to become more confident is with healthier and better-looking skin, which she achieves with SNAILWHITE and their Beauty Glow Drops.

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A personal take on confidence

The journey from when Rei first started creating online content in 2016 up to now wasn’t smooth sailing. She even admits that she’s still in the process of adjusting to the whole shebang of it all. Thankfully, her subscribers are also there to help her go through the ups and downs by giving her advice whenever she would ask for it.

“My audience plays a big part in boosting my confidence […] I used to think that feeling confident is looking pretty everyday, but I figured that confidence is still having days when you feel like you aren’t at your 100%, but still believing in your capabilities.”

Rei Germar on what confidence means to her today

Her skin, but better

With Rei Germar being one of the most sought-after influencers of our time, it’s expected that there are moments where she shines the brightest–and she does so even more after discovering skincare products that simply go well with her skin. While she is familiar with the term “MLBB,” the SNAILWHITE Beauty Glow Drops fall under her “MSBB” or “My Skin But Better” as it makes her skin glow like never before, putting her overall confidence on an even higher level.

She used to be afraid of using oils and serums, but after giving the SNAILWHITE Beauty Glow Drops a shot, there was no turning back. According to Rei, “There’s a bit of a ‘getting used to it’ phase since not everyone uses oil on a daily basis, and I know it could be a bit intimidating for some, but once you find the right amount that works for you, you’re gonna love it!” She incorporates the Beauty Glow Drops towards the end of her morning routine for a fresh and dewy glow right from the get go.

Rei even uses it as a makeup base from time to time since it has just the right amount of tackiness for makeup to stick. The beneficial formula, which has Vitamin C, Snail Mucin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Nature’s SuperOils such as Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Chia Seed Oil, fits with our tropical weather as well since it acts like a serum that’s lightweight enough to get completely absorbed by the skin. Not only do the SNAILWHITE Beauty Glow Drops brighten her skin, but also replenish its moisture, making it more radiant, plump, and revitalized. They also delay visible signs of premature aging while protecting the skin with a potent blend of antioxidants.

Just like Rei Germar, you can also boost your confidence level by giving your skin some extra love with the SNAILWHITE Beauty Glow Drops that are available on SNAILWHITE’s website, Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMNL, Watsons, and SM Beauty stores.