CyberMonth Is The “Ber” Month You’ve Been Waiting For

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Is that the sound of bells ringing, or someone’s just trying to video call you? It’s high time to get a hold of all your home tech needs and give your current ones an upgrade this CyberMonth

See if you can relate to these stories: constantly saying “Hello?” in a video call to get confirmation if the audio is working, deleting files on your almost-filled-up drive just to make room for new downloads, or staring at a small spinning wheel of colors on your computer that’s just barely hanging in there. Yes, we’ve all had our fair share of work-from-home and home learning misfortunes. However, at-home productivity should not come at the cost of comfort and convenience.

As technology continues to become an integral part of every household this month of August, Cyberzone launches SM CyberMonth 2020–a gathering of all your favorite home gadgets and productivity gizmos available for sale. Plus, interactive virtual games and online gadget unboxings will run all month long to keep you in the loop on the latest in tech and gaming even from your home!

We break down all the pocket events and offers that will be running throughout CyberMonth 2020:

Grab These Gadget Must-Haves

Looking for a new laptop for your work-from-home set-up?

Since its inception, computers and related gadgets were built to ease human work, so once they start making your workflow more stressful, it is high time to give your devices a much-needed upgrade. Visit the Cyberzone website and view the specs of your soon-to-be gadgets. Discover more upgrades to your space–level-up your home set-up with external speakers or a microphone, or upgrade your internal storage so you have enough space to do more. There’s no better feeling than being at ease and in sync with your devices.

Learn The Latest Through Live Unboxings

Buying a new gadget is a huge commitment–you want it to be your perfect companion as you work, learn, and play. But if you find yourself stuck with dilemmas such as Android or iOS, let Cyberzone help you decide through its live demos and unboxing videos airing all month long. What’s best is that these sessions will be happening online so you’ll know what’s available even before leaving the house.

Cyber Play Those Worries Away

Spending more time at home has given people time to learn new skills such as baking or gardening. But for others, it has given them time to learn and play new games. Want to put those new skills to the test? Unleash your inner drive to compete and excel through the CyberMonth mobile game tournaments happening from August 7-9, and 28-30. Catch the live streaming on Facebook and connect with fellow fans and gamers who share your same passion. Don’t shy away from playing a few rounds of your favorite pastime!

Hop On The Stream Hub

Sometimes, our passions lie outside of our work commitments and schooling, and it’s never too early to start chasing your dreams. If your aspirations fall under content creation and video game streaming, then the Cyberzone Stream Hub is your place to be. Be part of a live social experience where you can learn the ins and outs of visual content creation, vlogging, and game streaming from your favorite online personalities!

“Our current situation made us realize the importance of technology, especially in our daily lives at work and school. At Cyberzone, we conveniently offer our shoppers all of their home tech needs in one go,” said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing.

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