Skirts Make a Massive Comeback as Men’s Next Wardrobe Staple

Skirts Make a Massive Comeback as Men’s Next Wardrobe Staple

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From Gucci to Dior, skirts have seemed to become a staple on the most recent menswear runways, but it is not a new thing. It is a significant part of men’s fashion culture, and it seems to be making a comeback in the hopes of becoming a mainstream trend again

The recent fashion weeks featured a wide range of presentations that challenged the state of menswear. The unconventional cuts and futuristic designs seen on the catwalks are indicative of forthcoming men’s fashion styles. The return of the male skirt as a prominent fashion trend is undeniable. Even though this piece and style has been around for a while, the fact that it is making a trend comeback is something to be excited about. The bigger question now is whether it is realistic to expect that skirts will soon be an essential part of every man’s closet.

An old fashion phenomenon

Skirts Men Fashion
Photo Credit: @oldgreekphotos (via Instagram)

If we were to trace our ancient roots, we would quickly learn that at one time, there was no such thing as attaching gender markers to clothing in any way, shape, or form. Men in ancient Egypt wore garments that resembled skirts around their waists, whereas men in Greece and Rome wore togas and chitons that indicated their social standing. Asian countries Japan and Korea also have their own unique traditional clothes that resemble skirts. From the perspective of our world’s rich past, males wearing skirts shouldn’t be shocking at all.

Men skirts are back like they never left

Skirts Men Fashion
Photo Credit: @dior (via Instagram)

There is no denying that men’s skirts are gaining more visibility in the fashion world. The majority of the most recent menswear collections that were produced by well-known fashion brands contained fashion trends that urge their consumers, particularly men,  to ignore fashion labels.

Skirts Men Fashion
Photo Credit: @thombrowne (via Instagram)

The 2023 menswear collections by renowned fashion brands like Dior and Luar had exciting skirts added that showed different aggressive cuts and variation in silhouettes. Celebrities like Harry Styles, Robert Pattinson, and Lil Nas X were already seen to participate in this recent trend.

A leading role for skirts in the future

Skirts Men Fashion
Photo Credit: @luar (via Instagram)

These massive shifts should be taken as evidence that skirts have a good shot at being around for a while. In addition, it may provide a more cutting-edge and fashionable take on the heights of men’s fashion. While it’s difficult to pinpoint a single reason why some people are so resistant to the idea of men wearing skirts, the time has come to fully accept this fashion change and help people see the value in allowing people to wear what they like.

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