Here’s How To Do A Natural Skincare Routine While Staying At Home

With all the Covid-19-related news, it’s hard to keep our minds at ease. But, we’re here to remind you that you still have to keep doing your skincare routine.  

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Are you well-stocked for the duration of the enhanced community quarantine? If you were fortunate enough to think ahead and covered all your bases with the necessities such as food and the like, you might have also thought of reaching out for skincare essentials to tide you over the next month or so. Think about it, for all the lucky ones, this period of staying at home means a less jam-packed day, right?

Now, even if the enhanced community quarantine means less exposure to outdoor elements for the meantime, it’s not an excuse to skip your skincare routine. Much more now that we can slide a little bit more pamper time in our work-from-home schedule.

However, if you’re running out of your favorite skincare products and you decided to step out of the house, basically risking yourself just to replace your empty bottles, you’re not helping in any way. Knowing what works for your skin and what doesn’t, you can still in fact achieve that hydrated glow whilst being low maintenance with a natural skincare routine. So, all hope is not completely lost. If our fitness-obsessed friends can find a way to get their endorphins going, all you have to do is get a little crafty and resourceful.

While some skincare products in the market can be a major source of toxins for the environment and for others on your faces, this skincare routine made from natural ingredients is already actually available at home. Perhaps if this works well and provides visible results in two weeks, you might be doing this in the long run.


Try to spin your cleansing routine oppositely this time. As you break down the oils in your face with the current facial cleanser you’re using, the oil cleansing method substitutes the dirty oils with healthier oils that can help in protecting your skin. For ladies with dry skin, you can try liquid coconut oil to thoroughly cleanse your face and remove excess makeup. Then for those with oily skin, you can cleanse your face with raw manuka honey twice a day. Raw manuka honey is proved to contain anti-bacterial and healing properties, too. After massaging these natural ingredients to your face for a minute, place a clean towel (washed with hot water) on your face to give it a gentle steam.


Bring in your natural glow with D.I.Y. Turmeric Yogurt face mask. All you have to prepare are turmeric powder, plain organic yogurt, and raw manuka honey—half a teaspoon each. After combining it all and spreading it evenly to your face, leave it on for 10 minutes but made sure to set a timer. Be very mindful though, because if left too long, turmeric might leave some orange stains, which isn’t exactly a good look, if you know what we mean.


Photo from Coconuts and Kettlebells

Yes, we know it smells weird. But setting aside its bad smell, apple cider vinegar is a good replacement to your existing toner. Aside from its health benefits when you consume it, apple cider vinegar can give a good pH balance and is perfect to combat acne and blackheads. Dilute your apple cider vinegar with clean water—1:1 ratio.


If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, perhaps the same thing applies to the skin. With vitamins A, B, and C, apple has powerful antioxidants to revitalize and hydrate your skin in no time. Simply blend your apple with one teaspoon olive oil until you achieve a fine puree. Then, after simmering the mixture with low heat, add four tablespoons of rose water.

Especially now that mall and commercial establishments are closed, and supermarkets and pharmacies are the only ones kept open, you can add these ingredients and homemade remedies the next time you pick up some groceries. While these are 100% natural ingredients, we still suggest that you give your dermatologist a quick call before committing to this natural skincare routine.

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