Going Under the Knife? Here’s a Safer, More Affordable Alternative

Getting treatments done on your face and body is no longer taboo. It’s already widely accepted as a part of taking care of yourself and being more comfortable with your looks. But the fear of actually going under the knife hasn’t changed. The mere thought of having your skin sliced and sewn back together again still terrifies a lot of people, no matter how much they want to improve their appearance. But with the rise of advanced cosmetic technology, achieving your idea of beauty is now painless, knife-free and even easy on your wallet.

Skin House’s non-invasive procedures allow you to get your treatment done with no downtime.

Cosmetic procedures no longer depict a brutal picture of blood, knives, stitches, and weeks of pain and healing before achieving your desired look. Now, you can get your features enhanced even during your lunch break with absolutely no downtime! Skin House offers a multitude of aesthetic services that deliver results immediately. The clinic makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and non-surgical procedures to accommodate their clients’ beauty needs. Through this method, you no longer need to worry about the hassles that come with enhancing your natural beauty.

Skin House started with Joanne Yu’s dream of providing affordable beauty treatments to city-dwellers.

We caught up with Skin House’s owner, Joanne Yu, and the clinic’s doctors on how the clinic provides utmost treatments for a friendly price. Eight years ago, Joanne Yu dreamt of providing the most affordable diode laser hair removal service. “Back then, you would have to save up for months to be able to afford laser treatments, as I have personally experienced,” she shared. “Skin House just started with one laser machine and grew slowly but surely over the years. To ensure that we provide the best possible service for our patients, we only work with board-certified dermatologists and nurses, and only get the best machines in the market.”

The clinic’s doctors, Lovelyn Hababag-Daet and Ron Michael Dagala, are the miracle workers behind every patient’s glow-up.
Skin House’s ambassador, Yanee Nuñez Alvarez, has been going to Skin House’s clinic in BGC since it opened.

Because the clinic specializes in non-invasive procedures, it promises absolutely no downtime. Skin House’s doctors, Ron Michael Dagala and Lovelyn Hababag-Daet, are the miracle workers behind every patient’s glow-up. Before proceeding with the enhancement, they conduct a personal consultation with each patient to provide optimum results. “At Skin House, the dermatologist would tell you if these treatments are still appropriate for your skin condition,” Doctor Dagala explained. And since there are no knives involved, you can reap more benefits from Skin House than just enhancing your beauty. “Comfort for the patient is one of the benefits of our treatments because they are less painful. So for patients that are afraid of having any treatments done on their face, having a non-invasive procedure is really worth trying,” Doctor Hababag-Daet shared.

One of the clinic’s most loyal customers has also become their own endorser. Yanee Nuñez Alvarez has been going to Skin House’s clinic in BGC since it opened. “One thing that really attracted me to Skin House is their clinic. It’s nice, clean, and modern. And they have good treatments. I love the Oxylight’s Madonna Treatment and the Starwalker Angel White Laser. They make me feel more confident! With Skin House, you’ll really see your skin getting better.”

The clinic makes use of state-of-the-art technology for its treatments.
Relax in Skin House’s welcoming ambiance.

The road to beauty is now knife-free. At Skin House, you can enhance your features with pain and hassle out of the way.

Learn more about Skin House on their website, or visit their clinic at W City Center, 30th St. Corner 7th Avenue, BGC, Taguig City

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