Sizzling Spanish Escapade

Summer is most associated with sunblock, swimsuits, refreshing drinks, and late night dips. We rarely think of spending the sunny days at a quaint, old town with dated structures in a provincial village. This year, it’s time for you to ditch the common taste, and discover a whole new reason for staying off the beaten track. Dive into a new adventure created with MANGO.
MANGO’s new summer collection makes it easy for the couples on a getaway to coordinate outfits without losing their individual taste for fashion, or sacrificing their comfort. The ethnic and floral prints, nautical stripes, lightweight fabric, and muted tones of the line perfectly complement the personality of a vintage Spanish countryside that give off more than just a surreal cinematic vibe.
The Spanish village of Deia offers antiquated architecture, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, and a handful of exotic experiences that will remind you of romantic indie films that will have you feeling in love. Bask in its full glory and start a vacation of a lifetime with your loved one in outfits as picturesque as the mise en scène.

Take a leisurely stroll on unpaved roads in a floral dress, and don a weaved basket-style bag to carry your essentials. Stay cool under the sun by copping earth-toned shirts paired with muted pants, then top the look with a straw hat.

Witness breathtaking views in breathable clothing. Lose yourself in the blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the vibrant colors of local delicacies. Withstand the heat as you make your way to lunch by a cliff overlooking the sea with the help of a linen or cotton shirt for him, or a crochet-knit top for her.

Turn the clock back with the ancient wonders found at the local archaeology museum in an ethnic-inspired ruffled dress and a shell necklace, or simply go sailing across the coast of Mallorca in a nautical striped top and a pair of shades.
Go for the unconventional route and you might just find yourself in the midst of an extraordinarily charming hideaway. Blend in with the locals and soak up their culture with a sensible style that mimics the scenery.
See the full summer collection on MANGO’s Facebook page or drop by their website

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