This Is The Studio That Made Our Iconic Covers Possible

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For over a decade, Shutterspace Studios prides itself to be one of the top photography studios where creativity is fostered and iconic covers come alive. 

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If you’ve been subscribed to BJ Pascual’s channel and seen what goes on behind the scenes of photoshoots, then you’ve probably heard him mention Shutterspace Studios. The 2,500 square feet studio right in the middle of Quezon City, not only offers a professional work environment but the equipment to make the ideas of artistic minds possible. No wonder why top photographers and some of our iconic covers were created right in this space. 

Lasting for 10 years in the industry, pre-pandemic Shutterspace Studios also housed a series of workshops, collaborations with photographers and directors, exhibits and fundraisers to celebrate the creative community. Now they are helping many, including ourselves to have a safe working environment to conduct our editorials and continue telling our stories. 


The studio that has a New York loft aesthetic with minimalist design offers top-tier production facilities and the largest and most comprehensive collection of Profoto equipment in the Philippines.

The hair and makeup room is well-lighted and spacious enough to make artists and cover stars comfortably get ready for the shoot. The client lounge is where one can work, edit, and even take a well-deserved lunch break, while their mezzanine is complete with an expansive record collection and photography books.

The mezzanine also allows photographers to get eagle’s eye view shots as seen in our fashion editorial with Givenchy and Sarah Lahbati. But most importantly, Shutterspace studios prioritizes safety and sanitation with regular UV decontamination and use of hospital-grade disinfectants. 


Some of their other projects also include a library and film photography darkroom called Fotobaryo founded by Fernando “Bobit” Afable in 2008. The non-profit, communication-based education center is responsible for the expansive library that Shutterspace has. A collection of photography books shipped from a prestigious education center in the US to Batangas along with vintage cameras makes up Fotobaryo’s small museum that any artist will deeply enjoy. They also have a dark room if one is interested or experienced in developing their prints.


Silver, the printing arm of Shutterspace Studios also launched Shelter Fund, an initiative to help fellow artists survive. Photographers and creatives alike donate their works and some are even braving the frontlines to lend a helping hand this pandemic. By purchasing art form Shelter Fund, you can support local artists and their creative work during this time. Shelter Fund also committed a portion of their individual sales to a communal fund, making sure everyone benefits from the generosity of patrons.

Let’s take a look back at the cover shoots and editorials that were crafted right in this studio:

Heart Evangelista On Our 29th Anniversary Issue

Sarah Lahbati x Givenchy Fashion Editorial

Sarah Lahbati Givenchy

Julie Ann San Jose “The Standout” November Cover

Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez Reunion January Cover

Visit to learn more about their services and facility and follow them on Instagram for more updates.

To see and purchase prints from Shelter Fund, visit and to know more about Fotobaryo, visit their Facebook page.