The Best In Japanese Retail and Design Come Together In This New Mall

A blend of Japanese elements and modern design makes Mitsukoshi the newest mall to look out for

Artist’s perspective of the Mitsukoshi façade

Japanese design has always been synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship. Their style is sought after all over the world, from fashion to architecture. When it comes to retail spaces, the trademark Japanese combination of traditional elements and modern design cues are always evident. The harmonious relationship of material, craft, and design, and space stands out amid the bustling city life of the metro. Now nestled in Metro Manila’s most vibrant central business district, a new upscale shopping experience is about to rise.

Artist’s perspective of the Mitsukoshi Interior, heavily inspired by patterns and woodcraft

The famous Japanese retailer Mitsukoshi will soon emerge in Federal Land’s Grand Central Park in Bonifacio Global City. This premium commercial establishment showcases the distinct Japanese design in a casual but elegant setting. Light-filled open spaces, stylishly dressed stores, and engaging attractions invigorates shoppers. This isn’t your typical department store.

Artist’s Perspective of the Mitsukoshi interior with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products on tables and shelves

Mitsukoshi is built on culture and modern customer needs. Starting from the basement, food shops have been a signature feature in major Japanese retail establishments. This depachika offers customers an extensive range of food items, including a Japanese-style patisserie, fresh fruits, ready-to-eat meals, and beautifully packaged sweets. At the upper floors, a wide array of Japanese beauty brands fill the spaces. Mitsukoshi brings only the best collections of premier beauty products, cosmetics, and holistic care the industry has to offer. On the side, areas are available for guests to lounge with tables and chairs for their convenience.

Artist’s perspective of the Mitsukoshi interior with lounge areas on the side as you shop

Mitsukoshi’s goal is to give you the distinct, homey experience missing from most malls of today. The space’s design philosophy is centered on calm, and the warm lighting, breathable spaces, and chic design will bring peace to your busy days. Not all malls are created equally, but only a select few are built with relaxation in mind for such a busy space. Mitsukoshi could be the space to visit that marries lifestyle, leisure, and luxury without missing a beat.

Mitsukoshi is set to open in 2021. For more information, call (0998) 5955-834, email [email protected], or visit the showroom at 7th Ave cor. 34th St., Grand Central Park, North BGC, Taguig City.

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