Shake Shack Arrives in Makati With A Nod To Filipino Culture

The modern-day burger restaurant is hitting up Makati to bring the bustling city the perfect bite. Enjoy mouth-watering burgers at their latest Filipiniana-inspired shack.

Shake Shack had quite an interesting beginning. They first started out as a simple hotdog cart in Madison Square Park, New York City. Now, they’re one of the best burger joints worldwide with long queues of people outside their restaurant doors each day, all wanting to experience their fresh, simple, and high-quality food.

I vividly remember taking my first bite of their burger and my wide-eyed reaction over the gastronomic ecstasy that I didn’t know a burger can have. I can personally vouch that they certainly do not lie when they say their 100% all-natural Angus beef burger and crinkle-cut fries are unlike any other.

A common theme that is also noticeable with Shake Shack is how their restaurants consistently have a fun and lively ambiance. All of their branches incorporate an indoor-outdoor sitting concept to accommodate a place for a great community gathering.

With their latest branch in the prime lifestyle center, the Greenbelt 5 Mall, they add a personal touch for the country by infusing Filipiniana elements in its architecture.

Shake Shack collaborated with local designers to create a space that is inspired by the texture and lightness of the Philippine handwoven mat or banig. Natural materials such as rattan and timber provide the rhythmical pattern to the space. Meanwhile, the pendant lamps, handwoven out of Arurog vine by Hacienda Crafts bring the familiar signature style of the restaurant.

The  group of mostly women weavers and artisan individuals from Negros Island is responsible for the materials used. The restaurant’s mission is to provide sustainable livelihood to the Negrenses. By partnering with Hacienda Crafts that utilize materials sourced from local communities and provides training for its weavers, they continue to uphold the value of traditional arts and crafts and showcase it through their new space.

From October 29 to November 2, have your Shack faves delivered for free via Grabfood for a minimum spend of P1000. The first 100 who order via the app on October 29 will also get a Shack Box.

If you want to take a first look at the Filipiana shack itself, the first 50 guests to swing by the Shack in Greenbelt 5 on its opening day for dine-in or takeaway will receive free Shack shades, Shack2O & Auro Chocolate Bars. If you are the first guest at the Shack, you get a year’s supply of their signature Concretes from Shack Greenbelt for free every monthly visit.

Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. (SFRI) is the exclusive franchise holder of Shake Shack in the Philippines. SFRI is a member of the SSI Group. For update and the latest news about Shake Shack, by following @shakeshackph and @ssilifeph on Instagram and Facebook and @shakeshack_ph on Twitter. 

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