Selena Gomez Has Got Everything We Need And More While We're In Quarantine
Selena Gomez Has Got Everything We Need And More While We’re In Quarantine

Selena Gomez Has Got Everything We Need And More While We’re In Quarantine

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After her hiatus from social media during the particular months that involved BLM and racial injustice, Selena Gomez is back and she’s giving us what she promised us and more. 

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The pandemic and the quarantine have caused difficulties and negative impacts to people’s mental health, including singer/songwriter, actress Selena Gomez. Last April 2019, Selena revealed on Miley Cyrus’ IG Live that she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder where she was simultaneously experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Apart from turning to therapy, she seeked support from her friends.

Now that the Rare singer is back, she’s giving us no less than a reclamation of power. From a beauty brand to a reality show, as well as a studio album to reunions and collaborations, these could only mean that the break she took isn’t completely a deactivation, but a preparation for some exciting news to her fans.

selena gomez rare beauty
Photo from @selenagomez on Instagram

Launching Rare Beauty on September 3rd exclusively on Sephora, every product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, highlighting the brand’s love and care for animals. “I live in a time where it’s all about face. It’s all about makeup. It’s all about how you look in a lot of ways. That could be exciting and fun, but at the same time, it could just be a bit dangerous,” shares Selena on Rare Beauty’s Instagram. “So, I wanted people to feel like makeup is something that you could enjoy. It’s not something that you need. I felt like that’s kind of who I am. I’m very authentic. I’m very real with my fans, so I’m excited that I got to venture into this.”

selena gomez rare beauty
Photo from @rarebeauty on Instagram

It’s not entirely makeup enthusiasts and animals that are benefiting from her beauty brand. As an advocate of mental health awareness, Rare Beauty has started Rare Impact Fund, in partnership with philanthropic groups which commits to raise $100M over the next ten years for everyone to have an easy access to mental health services. One percent of the annual sales of Rare Beauty goes directly to this charitable organization. After enduring first hand the mishaps on her health, she’s become the voice of the people who have experienced the same thing.

Getting to see more of her quirky traits, HBO Max is airing her first cooking show Selena + Chef on August 13. Alongside top culinary experts, Antonia Lofaso, Angelo Sosa, and eight other master chefs, Selena will be learning international cuisines from the legends whilst staying at their individual kitchens. She admits that she’s always been a foodie but was never the best cook. With a pinch of trial and error, cooking fails, and successful plates, we can all agree how we are like Selena Gomez in the kitchen one way or another.

When we talk about Selena’s fun persona, it’s an instinctive image of her, effortlessly and candidly slaying comedy series. Recently, Selena Gomez has confirmed her first regular series after her role in Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place. Co-starring Steve Martin and Martin Short in a Hulu comedy series, she has landed a role in Only Murders in the Building as one the three strangers who’s hooked in true crimes until they got trapped in one.

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It really has been a while since Selena’s Disney series with David Henrie. Before we binge her new comedy series, here are the Wizards of Waverly Place stars giving us a mini IG reunion, which could hopefully lead to a bigger reunion soon. David Henrie posted a video of them with a grass wall that separates him from Selena. Last September 2019, David and Selena shared discussions on how they pictured the reboot of the Disney show to be.

And no, we’re certainly not done yet. Selena Gomez’ Animal Crossing villager (yes, she plays Nintendo Switch Lite’s famed Animal Crossing) appeared as a guest on Animal Talking on Twitch live-stream where she performed Past Life with Trevor Daniel. In the Twitch stream, Selena teases on two thrilling events—her next studio album and the possibility of collaborating with Taylor Swift soon. “I’ve always dreamt of doing a song with Taylor and we both wanted to do that,” shares Selena.