See The 7 Best-Dressed Men At The Grammys 2021 Red Carpet

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The men showcased their style A-game on the Grammys 2021 red carpet in their best dapper outfits, proving they haven’t lost their sartorial talent even if they’ve been living in their sweats for almost an entire year.

While the red carpet scenario has been understandably MIA amid the pandemic, it’s truly exhilarating to witness it alive once more. Where the women served us jaw-dropping looks in their stunning dresses, the men surely didn’t disappoint the moment they arrived in their dapper suit ensembles. So, this just proves that the red carpet isn’t dead just yet. In fact, the stars swapped their quarantine looks for some dapper fits for music’s biggest night. Here are the best-dressed men at the Grammys.


It’s no secret that Koreans are very much expressive of their sartorial side. So, it’s only expected that BTS will be serving us some cool, astonishing looks on the red carpet such as tonight decked in Louis Vuitton. After all, they never fail to make a fashion statement wherever they are—from music videos, awards nights, to their casual daily errands.

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Harry Styles

The best thing we sincerely love about Harry Styles is how he isn’t afraid of expressing himself through fashion. Proving once more that he’s a fashion chameleon who can just ace any look given to him, Harry Styles beguiles us in a snazzy Gucci checked blazer, brown velvet trousers, and accentuated by a purple feathered stole.

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Trevor Noah

Opting for the quintessential black tuxedo look is none other than Trevor Noah. Wearing a double-breasted Gucci tuxedo with wide lapels, he accessorizes it with a handsome studded brooch.

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We can all agree that when men veer from the classic black suit, they’re already taking a fashion risk, because that look can either make or break his style. But in the case of DaBaby at the Grammys, he surely aced his look wearing a Dolce and Gabbana floral brocade suit number teamed with a green fedora hat.

Adrian Quesada and Eric Burton

Seems like Adrian Quesada chose to keep himself warm at the Grammys donning a wool checked double breasted suit by Art Comes First. On the other hand, Eric Burton was ready to make a statement decked in Dior—from his mauve purple jacket partnered with plum trousers.

Bad Bunny

Living up to his stage name, Bad Bunny undoubtedly turned some heads. The Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter wore a black Burberry look and accessorised with a pair of Bonnie & Clyde sunglasses, a quirky knitted beanie, and a sunflower.

grammys 2021