The Secret to Success, as Told by Today’s Rising Entrepreneurs

Success is one of the most elusive things in life, yet it is also one of the things we all want the most.

We aim to be successful in our endeavours and to be fulfilled with our personal missions. As people of the new work tribe, our goals include achieving our maximum at work, being able to balance our business and our time for leisure, and being more productive with the help of technology. But the path to victory is an uphill road that four of the country’s rising entrepreneurs know all too well. They know that success isn’t given to you on a silver platter. It’s days of waking up before the sun shows on the twilight sky. It’s nights of keeping your desk light on as you work into the late hours and it’s years of frustration when you’re not quite close to realizing your dream. But they also know first-hand the thrill of landing that meeting with a big potential shareholder for their startup company. They know the feeling of pride when they cut the ribbon of their first business venture. They know the sense of comfort from having the weight of stress lifted off their chest as they see their goals becoming reality.

Learn all about the secret to success. Hear the intimate stories of defeats and triumphs, as told by today’s most famous faces in the business industry:

Nico Bolzico


Co-founder of the #BulliedHusbandsClub, adoring partner to #Wifezilla, and iconic social media influencer–these are just some of the hats that the Argentine heartthrob Nico Bolzico wears. But this comical athlete also has a knack for business. A farm boy at heart, Nico is driven to make the country’s agriculture level up and be at par with international countries. But in his first year of pursuit, he lost all of his savings trying to do corn mechanisation in the province of Isabela. Even with low spirits, this hurdle urged him to work harder and smarter. His perseverance became fruitful and catapulted him to heights he had only ever dreamt of. His company, LM10 (named after his favorite soccer player, Lionel Messi, and his legendary number, 10) seeks to invest in agribusiness technology in partnership with local businessmen. Through innovative technologies, Nico and LM10 aim to elevate the field of agribusiness in the Philippines, develop new productive possibilities, and stimulate refined experiences in agriculture.

Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff is a name that society’s most beautiful brides seek when it comes to finding the perfect white dress. Hailing from a family of designers, the Cebu-raised couturier made a name for herself with her intricate textile, elegant gowns, and her superior craftsmanship. But life wasn’t always kind to her. Her first atelier closed down, forcing her to move to New York to start anew. She wanted to apply to Parsons School of Design, but she didn’t have enough money to enroll. With a heavy heart, she flew back to Manila. Her plan was to work hard here, and save enough money to enroll at Parsons. She turned her simple apartment into a working studio with just one sewing machine. From this humble beginning, clients came flooding in and initiated her rise to fame. Today, she’s designed garments for some of the country’s most famous celebrities, collaborated with the most popular local clothing brands, released collection after collection of gorgeous garments, and opened her very own boutique in Rockwell.

Hideo Muraoka

You’ve probably seen Hideo Muraoka in countless magazines and advertisements. The Brapanese model has taken over Manila’s style scene with his good looks and chiseled body.  But more than just a pretty face, Hideo is also a business-minded man. His love for athletic activities inspired him to put up his own gym, The Movement Tribe. When he’s not sweating it out, Hideo can be found spending time with his lovely wife and adorable kids, proving that work-life balance is possible.

Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez


The Swiss-Filipina beauty Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez is a well-known entrepreneur. But she didn’t just appear there out of sheer luck. A true boss girl, Steph is in the forefront of the deluxe furniture brand, Philux. The business has been run by her family for 39 years. Under her regime, Philux has continued to exceed their past achievements and reached greater heights thanks to her expertise. After studying and undergoing design internships in the most fashion-forward countries like Paris, London, and New York, she learned the family business from scratch. Now, the Vice President and COO of Philux navigates 14-hour work days, entertains at her home, and creates time for her family on a daily basis. Her fuel for passion and her dedication to create harmony and balance between her profession and her personal life make her an outstanding example of the new work tribe.

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