This Local Craft Beer is Changing the Drinking Game

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Santiago Brewery will guarantee you an exciting night

Celebrations won’t be complete without spirits or alcoholic beverages to keep the merriment flowing. In our country, drinking ice-cold beer has definitely become a staple in any party. Whether it’s a simple night-out with friends or a huge revelry, expect a bottle of beer in anyone’s hand.

In the recent years, the craft beer culture has significantly increased. From regular pale, our liking has evolved to something finer. Among the thriving and competitive craft beer scene, Santiago Brewery and Malthouse has particularly caught our taste.

What started out as a passionate hobby in creating quality beers turned into a booming business. What sets Santiago Brewery apart from other breweries is its quality of production and their belief that a good drink starts with the ingredient. Passionate about making good local craft beer, it is the only local brewery that produces their own malts in the mountains of Antipolo. This ensures the drink’s freshness as it is far from the lowland pollution.

The brand offers four unique variants for their craft beers. First is the Amihan Blonde Ale, a Belgian style beer made for the Filipino sweet palette. It’s a light, fruity sweet drink with a refreshing feel. For a malty and moderately hopped American style, Habagat Amber Ale is the best candidate. This beer is brewed with roasted malts for a hint of caramel. For an intensely hoppy and aromatic flavor, Ipu-ipo India Pale Ale is the beer to pick. It contains big herbal and citrus notes with intense layers of bitterness balanced with caramel malt. Lastly, Santiago’s Buhawi Choco Cream Stout is an unusual beer experience. This creamy stout is brewed with lactose for sweetness and roasted grains, locally made malts, oatmeal, and lightly hopped to bring out the intense chocolate and coffee taste.

Ideal for parties, Santiago Brewery keeps the fun flowing as they provide Craft Beer Station services, which includes two choices of beer styles in kegs that can serve up to 100 glasses. This service also comes with a beer butler that pours perfect pints, all the while keeping the guests entertained.

Santiago Brewery truly sets the benchmark in the local craft beer industry. With meticulous production and world-class quality, the brand continuously brews beers that they personally can be proud of as brewers, as well as a brand that the nation can be proud of as Filipinos.

Let Santiago Brewery & Malthouse pour some fun on the next festivity. Learn more about them through their Facebook page.