What Product Is Keeping These Beauty Clinics Safe During The Pandemic?

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Partnering with the new tried-and-tested Sanivir Smoke, GAOC and Kamiseta Skin are one of the firsts to install this fumigant disinfectant for clients to feel at ease in their every visit.

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Extending their excellent services without compromising utmost safety, leading dental hygiene and skin clinics such as GAOC and Kamiseta Skin are making sure your every visit is as comforting as it was before pandemic. As we shift to MECQ in hopes to slow down the the rapid increase of COVID-positive cases, we are now more apprehensive to step outdoors. However, we still need to go through essential procedures from time to time—keeping our oral hygiene and skin always in check.

sanivir smoke

If this is the first time you’ve heard Sanivir Smoke, it basically is a powerful disinfectant in fumigant form that combats all kinds of uninvited bacteria and most importantly, viruses for a deeper sanitation through the entire area to where it is located. Proven by international laboratories, Sanivir Smoke has two potent ingredients namely Orthophenylphenol (7.0%) and Glutaraldehyde (3.5%) to effectively kill the virus and prevent its spread. The product is deployed through dry smoke. Meaning, it won’t leave any excess residue.

sanivir smoke

Apart from placing the Sanivir Smoke in all branches, GAOC and Kamiseta Skin are continuing to ensure safety through other in-house strict protocols. GAOC implements five-step sanitation and disinfection process for both clients and staff. “At GAOC, our primary mission is to always ensure the safety of our patients and staff,” shares GAOC’s founder Steve Mark Gan, DMD. “To this end, we are committed to continuously researching and identifying the most effective benchmark methods to achieve this goal.”

With this certified sanitation product, everyone in Kamiseta Skin operates with confidence and gives clients luxurious beauty treatments. Yet, it’s still an on-going process of following safety procedures. “During quarantine, all staff and doctors were educated and trained regarding new protocols, proper donning and doffing of masks and PPEs, disinfecting treatment areas, as well as proper disposal of consumables,” shares Kamiseta Skin.

sanivir smoke sanivir smoke

To maximize the sanitation, you can equip your own homes with Sanivir Smoke,too. This non-toxic and non-carcinogenic product, which is safe to your skin, is confined in a can and doesn’t require any special machinery to function. This works by simply shaking the can sideways and lighting the wick. In as little as 8-12 hours, after ventilating the enclosed area, your space is considered virus-free for two weeks.

You can get your own Sanivir Smoke at Rustan’s Department Store, Landers, Shopee, and Lazada for P1,750 per can.