Out Of Things To Do Already? Why Not Clean Out Your Makeup Stash Instead

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard over a hundred times that we shouldn’t touch your face. How about the makeup we own, you ask? Well, we know what to do with that now that we have a bit more time. 

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Oftentimes, cleaning our makeup sponges, brushes, and other products is something that we fail to do regularly, and honestly, who can blame us? But let’s face it, it is something that has to be done. However, the job doesn’t get done with just cleaning our makeup essentials, because we need to sanitize it, too. Imagine, we sanitize our hands from time to time and we do our very best to avoid touching our face, however we unconsciously use potentially compromised products on our face–even our makeup is not spared.

Before you figure into an unnecessary fit of hysteria, there’s no need to dispose your makeup products to avoid the exposure to germs just yet. But you can definitely declutter and re-organize your makeup kit. This may be the perfect time to get rid of those products past their expiration dates or give away some that are barely used but still in good condition. And this is where the sanitizing step comes in. From lipstick to your palettes, whether you’re keeping it or giving it to a friend, here’s how you can sanitize your makeup products.

makeup sanitizing

Although it may seem that makeup brushes and sponges are less complicated to clean and sanitize, it’s actually your powders and palettes that are easy to clean. Before anything else, make sure your alcohol is in a spray bottle. Give your powder and palettes a direct spritz of alcohol to sanitize it and wait until the alcohol dries up. We guarantee that the alcohol won’t lead damage to your makeup. It’ll only kill the germs like how we wanted.

makeup sanitizing
Photo from Sheer Luxe

Since germs can be easily spread through the mouth, our lipsticks, especially when shared with friends, can be at risk. This time, pour a small amount of alcohol in a shallow container and dip the tip of the lipstick in the alcohol. Gently pat the lipstick with a clean tissue and let it dry.

makeup sanitizing
Photo from frankly flawless

Now, grab our favorite pair—mascara and lash curler. As these are products that we use on our eyes, we need to be a little sensitive and extra careful in sanitizing it. When you clean a mascara, skip the alcohol and use running water instead. Take the mascara wand and simply clean it with water. For the eyelash curler, you can replace the rubber pads if the curler comes with extra pads. If there’s none, wipe the whole eyelash curler with rubbing alcohol and let it dry for a day.

For bottled liquid foundations, primers, BB creams, and even sunblocks, containers can still contaminate germs. Using also a cotton pad with alcohol, wipe the excess residue from the cap and the nozzle and let it dry afterward.

Here’s what you need to thoroughly clean: all your makeup brushes and sponges. Sure, there are portable machines online built to clean your sponges. But if you prefer to do it your own, then it might be for the best. Thoroughly clean your brushes and sponges with warm water, anti-bacterial soap, and added amount of alcohol while gently skimming your finger through the bristles and foam. After ensuring that the soap bubbles are washed off, it’s better to dry your brushes under the sunlight.

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