This Salad Bar Is Challenging You To Eat And Live Wide Awake Starting Today

Living a fast-paced life can take a huge toll on our bodies. With hectic schedules, we often resort to fast and unhealthy food. And with this, we also become one of the many sources of waste in the environment. But it’s never too late for some changes.

Thankfully, our favorite salad bar keeps up with the hustle of day-to-day life all while giving back to the environment! From serving us scrumptious and healthy alternatives that adapt to any lifestyle, Salad Stop continues to spark change by eating and living wide awake.

Each bowl of greens at Salad Stop is a representation of all the positive changes we bring to the environment. To raise awareness of this, the healthy food chain is also promoting eco-conscious dining with a clean and nutritious diet. Avail of a free steel straw and bamboo-made cutlery by collecting 12 stamps from their purchase of a salad or wrap until September 8.

Committed not only to serving healthy and delicious food but also to giving back to the environment, Salad Stop continues to encourage everyone to Eat Wide Awake and Live Wide Awake.

Join the movement by using the hashtags #SaladStopPH, #EatWideAwake2018, and #LiveWideAwake2018, and tag @SaladStopPH.

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