Rumor Has It That Kim Seon Ho Will Play A Filipino-Korean In His First Film - MEGA
Rumor Has It That Kim Seon Ho Will Play A Filipino-Korean In His First Film

Rumor Has It That Kim Seon Ho Will Play A Filipino-Korean In His First Film

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Here’s what we know about the circulating news that Kim Seon Ho will play a Filipino-Korean aspiring boxer in his first film

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The 35-year-old actor, Kim Seon Ho, has been in the Korean showbiz for quite some time now. He started as a theater actor and was playing minor roles until 2020 hit when he starred in the Korean hit TV series, Start-Up. He garnered immense popularity not only in his country, but internationally as well. As our favorite “Good Boy,” Han Jip Yeong, many projects have lined up for him and he’s even garnered numerous awards.

Recently, there are news circulating that Kim Seon Ho will play Korean-Filipino role, however, there was no official announcement yet if what exact role he’s going to play. It was reported that the actor was offered to play a role in the film titled “Sad Tropical” which will be directed by Park Hoon-jung. According to his agency, Salt Entertainment, that the actor is “positively reviewing the role.” So, what can we expect from the film if ever it gets made?

Will the film shoot in the Philippines?

The story is going to be about a man who has a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He dreams of becoming a boxer and soon comes to Korea to find his father who abandoned him. In his quest to find his father, he will meet bad guys that will put him in troubling situations.

Base on the synopsis, there’s a huge possibility that some scenes might be shot in the Philippines, but the big question is—who will play the Filipino mother or will there be other familiar Filipino actors who will also be present in the film?

It will be a unique move if it’s true that it’s Kim Seon Ho who will play the leading role, because it will surely showcase his acting chops. Whether it’s him or another Korean actor for the main lead, it is still an exciting news since it’s rare to see a popular Korean actor to play a Filipino character, usually it’s the other way around as the Philippines always do Korean Drama remakes.

In the meantime, you can watch Kim Seon Hoin the variety show 2 Days and 1 Night, and also in his feel good drama Hometown Cha Cha with Shin MIn Ah, which is also garnering so much love all over the world.