Looking For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift? Tous Has Got You Covered -
Looking For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift? Tous Has Got You Covered

Looking For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift? Tous Has Got You Covered

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With Valentine’s Day on its way, lovebirds all around are prepping for the romantic festivities. And if you’re one of those who are serious about their gifts, you know it’s important that it’s personal and well thought out. While it may be easy to just give flowers or chocolates to your significant other, nothing beats a meaningful gift that holds a personal value to it. Luckily, Tous has got you covered with their fanciful collection of jewelry filled with color and sentiment.

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Yesterday, Spanish accessories label, Tous just wrapped up their 4th store launch at Mall of Asia. The brand is known for their emblematic bear symbol which represents one of the fundamental values with which they’re identified throughout the world—tenderness. In recent season, Tous has used medallions to delve into the sentimentality that jewelry can uphold but for Spring/Summer ’18, they’re exploring the power of symbology with a range called “Real Jewel”, a whole fanciful assortment filled with stories to tell. 

Here are 4 key items from the collection that would be perfect the Valentines Day present: 


Silver Super Power bracelet with gemstones

Due to its symbolism, the circle has prevailed throughout the history of jewelry-making and serves as the basis for a collection that transmits strength through the significance of symbols. 


Gold Super Power earrings with Mother-of-pearl and gemstones

This gem-accompanied piece is perfect for every spiritual girl. Throughout the processes of heat, force, and time, nature transform minerals into precious gemstones that have been credited since time for their spiritual powers and talismanic effect in attracting good omens.


Long gold Super Power earrings with Mother-of-pearl and gemstones

Tous’ icon takes center stage in playful pieces brimming with bright hues and power to transmit energy and good luck.


Silver Mossaic bracelet

Drawing from the iconic Mossaic monogram, this silver piece features a symmetrical sequence of four interlacing bears. It’s reminiscent of a kaleidoscopic pattern and transmits harmony through the design’s symmetry.


Gold and Silver Laure earrings

Feathers are believed to symbolize such concepts as the creation of ideas, the ability to communicate our thoughts and the freedom to believe in whatever we wish, including ourselves. Sky Power replicates the simple form of a feater, combining it with gemstones of varying color. 

The newest Tous Jewelry store is located at the Ground Level of Mall of Asia. For more information about the brand, check out @tousjewelry on Facebook and Instagram.

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