All The Ways You Can Rock Oversized Tees À La Sandara Park

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The Sandara Park look is easier to achieve than you ever imagined!

Following Dara for years through all media possible, it’s safe to say that oversized tees are her thing. So it didn’t come as a surprise for everyone when she named it as her style staple at the Penshoppe Fan Con press conference. Sandara and labelmate Nam Joohyuk gladly shared styling rules they live by and staples they can’t live without. And for Dara, it has to be oversized t-shirts. And she has proven to us that one shirt can go a long way with the right styling tricks!
From her vlogs to her Instagram updates, Dara is constantly on her favorite fashion item, especially when she’s not on events. And the ways she pulled them off can go from simple to swag real quick. Here are 13 ways Sandara Park made oversized tees effortlessly fashionable.

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All photos from Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on Instagram.