Rita Moreno Teaches Us A Styling Lesson By Proudly Re-Wearing Her Pitoy Moreno Dress!

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56 years ago, veteran actress Rita Moreno won an Oscar for playing the doe-eyed Anita in West Side Story. Five decades later, she returned to the red carpet for the 2018 Oscars re-wearing the same dress she wore then by the late Pitoy Moreno.

Photo from Getty Images

In a way, this move also serves as a tribute to the legendary Filipino designer, who passed away earlier this year. Considered one of the country’s top designers, he was known for his exquisite designs and for popularizing the Maria Clara gown.

“This is the gown I wore in 1962 when I won my Oscar. This was made in the Philippines,” she said during the red carpet according to a report by People.
However, we did notice a tiny: the dress was reconstructed to be a strapless top instead of having its original Sabrina cut. Because the rest of the dress was untouched, it was easy to tell that it still very mush is the same dress indeed.
In addition to this, she also spruced up her outfit with fun accessories, namely a black turban and statement accessories. She is showing us that with a few minor changes, re-wearing an outfit is totally doable.
Rita even took to Twitter right before the Oscars to confirm the news! It truly was a great moment for fashion.


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