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Rice Oil For Your Hair? Hop On This New Trend
By The MEGA Team
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Confidently grow out your long, double tap-worthy hair with the newest ingredient on the hair care block

Put yourself in this situation: you’re scrolling through your social media timeline and a suggested video catches your attention. What could it be? Is it a viral dance challenge with the most hilarious soundtrack, or a twenty-second styling hack that made you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Whatever it may be, there’s only one reason why it popped up in your feed: it’s trending. Our interests gravitate towards whatever the latest trending topic is online. With everyone actively creating and engaging with online content these days, trends shift a lot. This is especially true for beauty trends, with hair care being the talk of the town lately. And unbeknown to many, there is a new hair care trend buzzing, and it comes from a place you might not expect–rice oil. Rice oil in the Pantene Total Damage Care regimen is coupled with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin B5 Formula for longer, smoother hair

Rice Oil: Wonders From The Orient

Rice oil essence is derived from the hard, brown, oily layer between the outer husk and the rice kernel inside. In most Asian cultures, rice is seen as a symbol of health and prosperity, and these beliefs are well-reflected in the benefits it delivers to our bodies. Originating from bathing traditions during the Japanese Heian Period, rice was discovered as a nourishing ingredient for hair and skin. In fact, court ladies during this era were said to have washed and combed their hair each day using the same water they would use to rinse rice, resulting in beautiful, long hair. But as centuries passed, this has long been forgotten. Advancements in hair products introduce harsh chemicals, prolonged heat, and constant tampering of the hair. These activities cause hair bond damage, leaving you with unwanted split ends. Conventional solutions remain ineffective as their formulas have more affinity to already healthy hair. But after 70 years of research and refinement, Pantene has brought back the power of this grain. Through expert craftsmanship and undeniable potency, rice oil is now present in the Pantene Total Damage Care system. The Pantene Total Damage Care is your long hair solution enriched with Japanese Rice Oil Essence

Pantene Total Damage Care: Your Long Hair Solution

Being the first Pantene ingredient in Asia to be tested and certified for vitamin content by the world-leading Swiss Vitamin Institute, rice oil isn’t just going to be a one-hit wonder. There’s science to back this ingredient up. Rice oil is a rich source of vitamin B3, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Used on hair through Pantene Total Damage Care, rice oil repairs dryness, damage, and brittleness. This is because the wonders of rice oil are coupled with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin B5 Formula, rebuilding broken strands, preventing protein damage, and replenishing lipids for gorgeous, free-flowing hair. Those are the fortifying wonders of this gift from nature, giving hair 50X anti-damage benefit. The Pantene Total Damage Care regimen consists of a shampoo and conditioner enriched with rice oil extract for deep nourishment and damage repair Wash away prevailing hair insecurities that dishearten you to grow long hair and let loose your locks by taking hair repair and renewal one step further. With the Pantene Total Damage Care system stopping split ends before they happen, hair can be confidently long and luscious than ever before. With beauty and confidence in tow, nothing can stop you from having more great hair days. Even if washing your hair with rice water or dousing it in rice oil may sound tempting (unless you're desperate for virality), you don’t have to go to those extremes to experience these benefits for yourself. Don’t be left behind of the latest hair care trend. Take the next best step into damage-proof hair with Pantene Total Damage Care. Get your long hair solution with the entire Pantene Total Damage Care regimen. Order yours now through Lazada or Shopee. For more information, visit Pantene’s website.