Resilience Is the Key to Patty Ang’s Success

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Patty Ang has had more than her share of challenges—a pandemic will not stop her from chasing her dreams

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Even stringent lockdown, however, couldn’t keep designer Patty Ang from working and expanding. At the beginning of the pandemic, her atelier turned into a hub for PPE production, which her team then donated to hospitals. When the need became less urgent, she focused back on her business and even launched—and opened a brick- and-mortar for—her new loungewear label, Patton. Think: comfortable cropped sweatshirts, seductive snug bodysuits, and highly Instagrammable two-piece sets.

Two pieces in particular have the word “Resilience” knitted on them. “Resilience is such a dear word to me,” Ang tells me over Zoom. See, while her career trajectory is impressive, her mettle as a woman is even more. When she was really young, an assault led to her early pregnancy.

Having to come to terms with her experience and navigate early motherhood she says “shaped me as a person—who I am, my thinking, how I cope with things daily.”

Her Voice

The challenges she faced, including juggling school and parental responsibility, only solidified her resolve and gave her a sense of purpose. “With work, financially, it made me more stable, more mature.” She adds, “I needed to do these things because I had someone to support.” When Ang was about to enter college, her parents, whom she credits as her strength, urged her to take a business course instead of fashion design, which she originally wanted.

Still, they supported her when she took short design courses in Manila as well as London’s Central Saint Martins. Little could they have imagined that their daughter would be empowering women of all ages through her clothes and her voice.When she decided to open up about her assault a few years ago, Ang was met with an outpour of messages. “There were people who would come up to me and ask for advice,” she says. “I believed for the longest time that it happened for a reason.” Now, by telling her story and using her own voice, she hopes to help others find their own.

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Creative Direction & Illustration: JANN PASCUA
Art Direction: NICOLE ALMERO
Fashion Direction: JEB FRONDA
Styling: LYN ALUMNO (for Vania)JEB FRONDA (for Rosenthal and Patty)
Makeup: XENG ZULUETA (for Vania)PONG NIU (for Rosenthal and Patty)
Hair: MONG AMADO (for Vania), JAN EDROSOLAN (for Rosenthal and Patty)