Reinvent Your Space With Different Hues And Patterns From Gucci Decor

Our homes should be our safe haven. It’s where we should find peace at the end of a long day at work. But at the same time, this very space we spend leisure time on is the most neglected. We settle for old designs and it does get a little tiring. Spicing it up a little bit can be the very cure we (and our homes) need. As a new season opens up, it’s the perfect time to bring colorful hues and eccentric design to our personal spaces, and Gucci Decor has it all for us.

Gucci Decor

A European Touch

Bring the best of European art right into your homes with Gucci Decor‘s collection. From Italian artistry to English woodwork, turn your romanticist dreams into reality with this new collection. A range of candleholders, vases, and mugs also feature one that’s close to many people’s hearts: cats. This adorable design also comes with jewel patterns and stage-curtains that add a playful touch to it.

See the designs for yourself in the gallery below by swiping right:

Gucci is located at Greenbelt 4, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, and Solaire Resort & Casino.
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