Glam or Glum: Film Premieres and Red Carpet Dos and Don’ts
Glam or Glum: The Do’s and Don’t’s Of Film Premieres and Red Carpets

Glam or Glum: The Do’s and Don’t’s Of Film Premieres and Red Carpets

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MEGA attended the UK premiere of Onward to give you all the exclusive details you need to know on that red carpet fan experience.

Hollywood romantics might be a little bit curious about what goes on at a red carpet premiere for the next big film. Is it all gold and glitter, glamour shots and celebrity interactions? Or is it hours of waiting in line, fighting off people cutting in front of you, and long arguments with the security?

Photo from Onward’s Official Instagram

It starts off quiet; a few people lined up, some in costumes, some in casual streetwear, others all glammed-up for their photo-op with their long-time celebrity crush. This all reigns true, that is—if you’re willing to be there hours before the actual event. Premieres start late in the afternoon, or early in the evening, typically between the times of 4 pm to 8 PM. It might seem excessive to arrive five or six hours beforehand, where you just stand and do nothing but wait—but it’s the very sacrifice you pay if you want that slim chance of getting into any of fan pens.

They set the premiere up between the side of Curzon Mayfair, between the bricked brown steps of Hertford Street and Shepherd Street. The venue design is cool and simplistic all covered in blue haven, an obvious testament to the film’s prime color. It wasn’t so much as a red carpet premiere with all its elegance and grace, but a blue one, perfectly suited for fun times and quirky conversations. Some premieres are set wide and open, like a stage for all to see—this was not one of them. If you’re one of the lucky ones (read: early ones) you get the privilege of entering through the barricaded fences and into the actual premiere venue. If by chance you’re just a little bit too late (read: a lot too late), you get to stay outside and listen to the people across the other side of the fence have fun.

Ever heard of the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side?” This is the perfect example of how true that can actually be. If you want that photo-op with your guy, your girl, or just want to be there in that atmosphere of people screaming, celebrities waving, cameras flashing and journalists and their barrage of loud questions, we compiled quick dos and don’ts when attending one of these prestigious red carpets.

Photo from Esquire via Karwai Tang

Do come as early as you possibly can.

Don’t come an hour before the event and expect any chances of getting into the actual event. Once you’re past that two-hour mark, the crowd in front will have gathered exponentially and your chances of ever getting that photo-op are slim to none; not statistics, just an observation. Two to three hours would be the right time to go, depending on how well-named the stars are, and how big-shot the film is. Earlier is always better and preferable.

Don’t wear killer shoes to a premiere.

Trust me, I’ve been there, done that twice, always regretted it. We all want to look pretty and perfect when meeting the man or woman of our dreams, but trust when I say, don’t bother. The barricades are firm and do a good job of keeping you away, and even if they didn’t, there will be a lot of people
shoving you around by their foot and no one will be able to tell whose feet is whose. In typical Filipino fashion, my mom teased and reprimanded me to no end for not wearing comfortable shoes at an event that required long hours of standing and waiting. If you don’t want to hear dear old mommy saying “I told you so,” then best keep this one in mind.

Photo from Onward’s Official Instagram

Do come with a friend.

You’ll need the extra hand. The long hours of waiting will make for good conversations, and you’ll definitely need back-up. Picture being right up close to the front, just a little more time spent waiting and you’ll be in, taking part in the questionnaires, the rapid-fire games, and all the mindless screaming but then, you’re hit with the sudden need to go. With your hands full you take a look around, the back is way too far and the front is way too close. Without a choice, you have to up and leave your spot to sort yourself out. But with a friend close by, they can hold your spot and your things with no worries at all.

Don’t let anyone cut in front of you.

This is just common sense, but sometimes we forget. People can be sneaky when they want to be, and sometimes it starts with just one person, and then another one, and then another one, until you’re at the very back and there’s a big clump of people right in front of you. It takes just one person to tip the
balance; you could be the last person they let through, or it could be the person right in front of you. Don’t live with the regret of “maybes” and “what could’ve been’s,” stand your ground.

And most importantly, do have fun.

You may not get in this one time, but there will other opportunities the next time around. Whether it’s a big Hollywood film premiere, or some free local fan event always remember to have fun. Film premieres can be worth it if you give yourself the chance to take in the moment and let go of the anxieties
and worries.