How this Rebellious Soul Became a Luxury Brand Owner
How this Rebellious Soul Became a Luxury Brand Owner

How this Rebellious Soul Became a Luxury Brand Owner

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LVNA by Drake Dustin is a product of defying the predictable

In the Filipino culture, being family-oriented has always been the norm. We celebrate every single birthday and anniversary, and we invite everyone we know because a big feast is always involved. But during those gatherings, we also take everything that each family member says about how we act, dress, and live, and we etch them in our brains. This is why despite how easy we want it to be, growing up isn’t always a walk in the park, and LVNA Jewelry founder Drake Dustin Ibay wouldn’t say otherwise.

Putting the “extra” in extraordinary

It’s expected that Filipino kids are interested mainly in common toys and games like dinosaurs and robots. But Drake wasn’t your typical Filipino kid. Instead, at a very young age, he was already so aware of the things surrounding him. Metaphysics, the branch of Philosophy that dives into the fundamental nature of reality, was what caught his interest. This eventually led to his liking for gems and crystals, which he believed–and still does–have supernatural powers.

He wasn’t an ordinary kid that just went along with everything. Instead, he questioned reality and challenged out-of-this-world theories. This is why with his personality to defy the norm, it’s not surprising that he decided to pursue his passion for the arts as opposed to what he and his siblings were being trained to do, which was to run their family’s business.

Conformity is out of the equation

As someone who doesn’t like to conform to anything, Drake considers himself a rebellious soul who only does what he feels is right for him. With that kind of outlook, he ended up realizing that he had to break free from the pressures of his friends and family, thus entering a life he wanted to live without having to deal with all their hovering. But just like any other person who tries to make it on their own, hurdles and challenges came along the way. However, he believes that because of all those misfortunes, he became stronger and wiser to the point that he even gives credit to the failures he learned from.

Luxury and its humble beginnings

As a former art dealer under the wings of famed Filipino art critic Cid Reyes, Drake was thrusted into the world of fine arts and luxury, which he was able to connect to his fascination with gems and crystals. Equipped with knowledge on the arts, luxury, and business, it eventually became clear that taking the route towards establishing a jewelry brand was what he was destined to do.

Starting as an online business, difficulty in selling high-valuable goods was inevitable. But to achieve the lifestyle that Drake envisioned himself having, he had to put everything in high gear. He commuted to numerous cities in a day just to meet with potential clients, delivering and selling the products himself. He knew he had to do it all. It was the first time that he experienced that kind of tiredness in his life, but still looked at it as something rewarding.

With Drake’s passionate and rebellious attitude, owning an award-winning luxury brand was bound to happen. For more information, visit LVNA’s website, and follow their Facebook and Instagram.