Reasons Why Fashion Influencer Rachel Gania is the Style Muse We Need

Reasons Why Fashion Influencer Rachel Gania is the Style Muse We Need

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In an exclusive interview with MEGAStyle, get to know rising social media influencer Rachel Gania in her fashion sanctuary

Across cultures and eras, fashion is not just clothing pieces we wear but it is a variation of non-verbal language. It speaks volumes about our profession, character, and how we want to present ourselves to the public eye. In today’s society centered around social media, gone are the days when fashion lookbooks are exclusive only to the fashion world. From sleek and minimalist to bold and colorful, these influencers have the power to influence the fashion identity of their followers. And one such influencer is Rachel Gania, a fashion enthusiast known for her curated style lookbooks, continuously carving out a niche for herself in the fashion scene. 

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Style setter on the rise

Fashion Influencer Rachel Gania

Her love for fashion dates back to when she watched Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. “I was just amazed at how they can create something just from pieces of fabric and give their unique touch to it,” the rising fashion enthusiast and influencer said about how she was reborn in the world of fashion. After she felt that surge and excitement through fashion-centered TV shows, Rachel immediately expressed her desire to try her hand at sewing. So, her father happily introduced her to the basics of sewing using her grandmother’s old sewing machine. She practiced her skills by upcycling her parents’ old clothing, turning it into stylish and trendier pieces. From there until now, Rachel became unstoppable not only in creating clothes but also providing style inspos for her viewers. 

With the fact that she just started actively posting her fashion content last year, Rachel is already clear and concise in her style tips. Addressing her followers and the fashionable demographic, the style icon in the making emphasized the importance of finding one’s fashion identity and investing in classic pieces that are timeless. Also, she encourages experimentation with different looks, incorporating old clothing to catch up with current trends by following the diverse visions of designers and influencers on social media. However, Rachel also stressed that we should not blindly follow every trend as people should always remember to be consistent in their own style of expression. “Being consistent is necessary if you want to be considered stylish. It entails dressing up every day rather than only when you feel like it or have an event to attend,” she affirms. Without a doubt, once you enter Rachel Gania’s fashion sanctuary, you can unconsciously embody this interesting style mindset.

Behind every fashion lookbook

Producing a style lookbook is a lot of work but Rachel Gania’s videos do not show that kind of mood. Whether it is her rich tita outfit ideas, back-to-school looks, and classy feminine outfits, every single execution is well-curated, classy, and most importantly each are workable blueprints of style that one can easily translate to our own fashion preference. 

Fashion Influencer Rachel Gania Lookbook

This style muse is not all glitz and glamour as every curated looks she posts on YouTube and Instagram is a result of her hardwork and creativity. Mind you, this passion of hers is very far from her profession as a registered medical technologist but she undoubtedly delivers every time. 

“The challenge of working in a creative industry like content creation is continuously attempting to provide high-quality content.”

Her process involves finding inspiration online, especially on Pinterest, and creating unique looks by adding her own personal touch. She spends a whole day just picking out outfits from her wardrobe, trying them on, and capturing them, so she doesn’t forget what combinations work best. When it comes to filming, Rachel sets aside an entire day for it, as there are a lot of outfit changes and posing involved. 

Her perfectionism shines through when it comes to editing her videos, ensuring that her viewers stay engaged until the very end. 

A fashion enthusiast’s empowered vision

As one of the promising creatives of the generation, Rachel’s conversation with MEGAStyle also involves her empowered vision of fashion. 

Fashion Influencer Rachel Gania

“I want the clothes I show them to be built with flexibility and consideration for various physical sizes. And can be worn [by] anybody.”

Diversity and representation are incredibly important in the fashion industry, and Rachel Gania is committed to promoting this in her content. As Rachel Gania strives to showcase a wide range of styles, sizes, and body types in her fashion platform, we are strongly convinced that her presence in the fashion community is the definition of a style muse we all need. 

Photos from RACHEL GANIA

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