If You Need To Get Tested ASAP, Here Are Rapid And Swab Testing Centers Near You

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Bearing in mind our front liners, case-positive patients, and the 109 million Filipinos who are relentlessly battling COVID-19, take the first imperative measures such as contacting a physician or heading to these accredited rapid and swab testing centers. 

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As a responsible individual, know the right process to take to either prevent the spread of the virus or provide yourself with immediate medical attention. While rapid testing is a simpler form of test for quicker results, which is also a pre-requisite for returning workers, RT-PCR or nasal swab testing is the confirmatory testing done for anyone who’s resulted positive from the rapid test, had physical close contact with a case-positive patient, or feeling severe COVID-19 symptoms. With the close weight between asymptomatic and symptomatic patients, it goes to show how we need to be testing more Filipinos.

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While helpful in many ways, the quarantine alone won’t flatten the curve.What we need is to have more Filipinos tested, traced, and treated. If you still have unanswered questions on what mass testing is, a country has successfully done mass testing once it has tested not less than 1% of the population. Beginning mid-April, we had an Expanded Targeted COVID-19 Testing where high-risk individuals such as healthcare workers, elderly, and patients with underlying health conditions will be prioritized. Recently, in our increased testing capacity, even asymptomatic patients can be tested under Expanded Targeted Testing.

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Mass testing is supposed to be free and accessible to all Filipinos. In comparison to countries like Germany and Korea where free mass testing begun as early as May to give an abrupt isolation for everyone who will be tested positive, the Philippines is a far cry from this efficient and life-saving situation. Besides, what we need to be now is more proactive since no one else in power seems to have the sense of urgency to do so, you know 5 months into the pandemic. While we look forward to this attainability, we listed rapid testing and swab testing centers in and around Manila and other provinces including drive-thru testing centers for your emergency needs, peace of mind, and well, the betterment of our great nation.

What is the difference between drive-thru and walk-in testing centers?

Just as how we do it in fast food restaurants, drive-thru testing center lets you stay in your car whether you’re having a rapid test or swab test. Rapid tests take a shorter period of time and you can receive your results in a matter of minutes to a few hours. Since this is a safer way to test Filipinos, more and more drive-thru centers are being installed around Metro Manila. Most of walk-in testing centers are catered by major hospitals. If you’ll likely to get a RT-PCR Confirmatory swab testing, head on to hospital’s walk-in testing centers advised by your local unit.

testing centers covid

Comprehensively listed below are certified centers where you can get tested, depending of course on availability and number of people being administered. When going through this process, patience is of utmost consideration, especially since everyone is on edge, trying to stave away fear, paranoia, and a whole lot of questions swirling in their minds.

Mall of Asia Arena

Mega swabbing center with 72 testing booths. 

Palacio de Maynila

Mega swabbing center with 65 testing booths. 

Enderun Tent 

Mega swabbing center with 54 testing booths. 

Philippine Sports Stadium

Mega swabbing center with 96 testing booths.

Lake Shore Hall & Northeast Parking Area, BGC 

Drive-thru testing center conducting rapid and swab tests. Open for Taguig residents only. 

Kartilya ng Katipunan, Lawton

Drive-thru testing center with maximum of 200 tests per day. Results are received within 24 hours. 

Quirino Grandstand

Drive-thre testing center with maximum of 700 tests per day. Results are received within 24 hours.

Asian Hospital 

Processing of results is within three days. Contact 87719000

Cardinal Santos Medical Center 

Processing of results is within three to five days. Contact 87270001

Chinese General Hospital 

Drive-thru testing center. Results are received within 48 hours via email. 

Makati Medical Center 

Processing of results is within one to two days. Contact 88888999

Philippine Red Cross, Mandaluyong City 

Processing of results take one week. 

St. Luke’s Global 

Results will be out within two to three days. Contact 87897700

St. Luke’s Quezon City 

Results will be out within two to three days. Contact 87230101

St. Martin De Porres Charity

Results will be out within three days. Contact (02) 8723 0743

The Medical City Ortigas

Results will be out within three days. Contact 89881000

VRP Medical Center 

Results will be out within three days.