Rain Matienzo is Running on Burning Red Passion

Rain Matienzo is Running on Burning Red Passion

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People know her for the roles she has played, but there is more than what meets the different sides of Rain Matienzo

“All the world’s a stage, [a]nd one man in his time plays many parts.” Shakespeare once simplified life’s reality in these lines, and this metaphor still stands true until today. With social media in the picture, we find ourselves—consciously or not—forming more personas inside and outside of it. Only a number succeed in not losing sight of their core, and Rain Matienzo is one of them.

When people ask why, the answer is simply one word—passion. Rain’s personal definition of the abstract noun runs deep that it’s not just about careless feeling of things. More importantly, it is rooted from direction and purpose. 

Rain Matienzo wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip in Alert
YOU Beauty Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream in Alert

It is only apt that the emerging entertainer wears the shade Alert from YOU Beauty’s Rouge Power Matte Lipstick on her lips as she takes us into understanding why she chooses to do all things with a sense of conscientiousness in her career and in her personal life. 

Letting the talk be the walk 

For someone like Rain who aced the taking on various roles on TikTok and television, who would’ve thought that this was not actually the dream that she envisioned for herself? 

Being a Broadcast Communication degree holder, and a cum laude honoree at that, plus gaining experience as a courtside reporter for Adamson University, the content creator initially planned on being a reporter. “It seemed like the logical choice. I had the right mentors to help me, the degree, I even interned for a digital news company. Basically, the five-year plan was laid out and underway. But in June 2020, I saw Sparkle announce that they were holding auditions. I thought ‘Why not? I have nothing to lose.’ I’ve always been curious about what life would be like if I actually became an actor, but never enough to actively go for it, unlike with news.”

Rain Matienzo wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip in Alert

During the first part of her career, the rising Sparkle artist had to juggle both her work and studies. Now looking at her journey in a better sense of perspective, Rain realized that she may not be living her first dream, but she is using her lessons to foster another line of profession. “Learning from my professors and former bosses how important airtime is, I do make a conscious effort in the content I put out on social media, as well as the quality of performance I give whenever I have projects airing on national TV. More than the technical skills I learned from the university, I dial back to the core value of putting honor before excellence so I don’t get lost and sucked into the rat race.”

When Rain fully embraced her first persona on TikTok, she slowly garnered the interest of people.

Eventually, her audience widened, her content evolved, and Rain herself thrived. With her growing impact, Sparkle saw her potential, and the rest is history. 

Rain Matienzo wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip in Alert

Making the walk as the talk

As a breakthrough actress, Rain has begun starring in different shows on her home network. Fans of the show Maria Clara at Ibarra even raved about her performance as Salome. To them, her expressiveness leveled with the other characters’ deep stories. 

Adding a historical figure to her list of roles, one may wonder their resemblance to the real Rain. Her response? “I don’t think there is one that’s closest to the real me,” she said with a laugh. “They’re fairly similar, and the character descriptions would fall along the lines of kikay and kulit. But surprisingly, Salome from Maria Clara at Ibarra, the role that’s farthest from who I am, was the one that stirred up the rawest of my emotions and demanded me to take my pre-recording ritual seriously. The only similarity that I probably had with her was that the image of Salome was very strong and independent.”

Each part that she portrays calls for a different ritual, and Rain simplifies it to perfectly embody each persona. “Most of it is spontaneous so my only ritual is that I’d write down the situation and jot down bullet points of all the punchlines I wanna land. From there, I just have fun with it!”

Indeed, Rain’s internalization pays off with the response she gets from her interactions. The likes and comments prove that fans and even casual viewers alike are not just entertained by her. They also find her relatable. 

WIth the influx of content creators and influencers in the industry, one can mindlessly go about the daily grind and lose their sense of self. But for Rain who finds passion and purpose deep within her, she always goes back to her roots.

Rain Matienzo wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip in Alert
YOU Beauty Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream in Alert

Balancing the talk and walk

Rain’s creative means to communicate with others stems from a childhood wherein she was able to exercise her freedom of expression. “I grew up in a family where we’re allowed to speak our minds and engage in important discussions on household matters. The desire to speak up against criticism definitely runs deep, but I found that it’s also counterproductive to fight fire with fire,” she shared. 

“I had to get creative and learn better ways to handle criticism and get my opinions across in ways that create a ripple of change.” 

Even with Rain voicing her passion out, she admits to being an actual introvert. According to her, she really needs moments of peace especially for long days. “Inserting little pockets of serenity even during busy days has helped a lot. Lately, I’ve been enjoying driving alone with the music off as I go to and from work. But as much as I can, I stay faithful to my quiet days. Back then, I would just take everything and fill my schedule to the brim, but I had to learn the hard way that not all chances are opportunities. Since I put rest as one of my priorities, I’ve been more present at work, I have a stronger sense of self, and I get to know people with more intentionality and less anxiety.”

Rain’s story is a testament that passion truly is not just about being an unstoppable force. It is also learning to say no to find a moment to peace. Because even though passion may be tinted with shades of doubt, fear, or exhaustion, it is just like that primary red color that always strikes and stays with you. 

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