Raconteur: All About SoFA Design Institute’s 2021 Graduation Show - MEGA
Raconteur: All About SoFA Design Institute’s 2021 Graduation Show

Raconteur: All About SoFA Design Institute’s 2021 Graduation Show

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Future fashion creatives showcase their skills and passion for fashion during SoFA’s 2021 Graduation Show.

Known for championing design and creativity, SoFA Design Institute has been the go-to fashion school since its inception almost 15 years ago. It has since birthed well-known Filipino designers such as Vania Romoff, Chris Nick Delos Reyes, and Gabbie Sarenas to name a few. 

Staying true to their commitment of creating innovative fashion leaders of the next generation, SoFA has been conducting their yearly graduation show to showcase different collections from their graduates. And, this is year is no different, despite of the circumstances.

Now on its 10th run, 16 creatives tells us their story through fashion: their personal experiences, who they are, and who they want to be. Entitled “Raconteur,” here are the new breed of fashion leaders you need to watch out for:

Neil Anthonie

Adventures Of A Sleepwalker

With everything happening around us, “Adventures Of A Sleepwalker” is all about dreams—how it frees us and how it has become a moment of unspoiled silence. Through dreams, there is hope, and Neil Anthonie shows us that with his collection.

Amanda Lising


As the oldest member of her batch, Amanda Lising opted to create a collection about adulthood—her journey from birth right to where she is now. All about growth, confidence, and embracing your unique self, she presented 3 avant garde and 3 ready-to-wear looks.

Nahia Lloren

Road To Victory

Aptly named “Road To Victory,” this collection is all about overcoming struggles and facing everything that may come your way. As someone who deals with anxiety issues, Nahia Lloren shares her story through fashion, and shows that no matter what happens, she will emerge victorious.

Danielle Mangana


Danielle Mangana’s collection is all about finally accepting oneself—no restrictions, no walls, no boundaries. Through her collection, she shows that as a 23 year old designer, she is finally embracing what is.

Echo Alamar


Red is the color of love, but for Echo Alamar, it represents growth and blooming. Inspired by his own story, his struggles, and his darkest times, the designer’s graduation collection is all about acceptance and healing.

Sofia Isabel


Strength and overcoming—this is what Nucifera is all about. For Sofia Isabel’s graduation collection, she is inspired by being strong and building up when storms pass.

Nicole van Duijvenbode

Loopende Rotzooi

Admittedly a lover of everything fun and colorful, Nicole van Duijvenbode’s collection is all that and more. Her collection, called “Loopende Rotzooi,” is inspired by all the heartbreaks she’s been through, and allowing oneself to feel and express whatever they’re feeling.

Kimi Felices

The Birth of KimiKimi

As a multifaceted woman, Kimi Felices shows different sides of her through her collection. Each piece a representation of who she is, The Birth of KimiKimi is who Kimi Felices is, and more.

Adam Pereyra


Adam Pereya’s graduation collection is an ode to Philippine fashion. After having a dream of wearing a terno himself, the young designer has made that dream a reality through this collection.

Gerald Farofaldane


For his graduation collection, Gerald Farofaldane is all about transition and finally finding peace. Inspired by still waters, “Catharsis” is the young designer’s reflection on his journey to acceptance.

Paula Villasper (PAUPI)

Wondering Wonder

Paula Villasper’s graduation collection is the perfect blend of fantasy and reality, and where both meet. It is all about embracing uncertainty, adventure, and enjoying the journey and beauty life has to offer.

Clarisse Bathan

A New Life Cycle

Just like most, Clarisse Bathan became uninspired when the pandemic hit. But when she rode a bicycle during those times, she felt hopeful. Her collection is her story of finding hope in the middle of the pandemic—like a new life cycle.

Ferdie Devilleres

Missing Peace

All about finding completeness and peace of mind, Ferdie Devilleres brings us “Missing Peace.” Featuring pieces inspired by florals, the collection shows the life of flowers, from its blooming to its withering.

Anya Ramos


Through her collection, Anya Ramos shares her journey of self-reflection during the pandemic. While she may have lost herself, she’s finally accepted what is, and living her life within the new normal.

Angel Naval

Armored Flower

This collection is all about self-acceptance. Growing up, Angel Naval has always wondered if being feminine means being weak, and with this collection comes the answer: No. This collection is the designer finally being unapologetically herself.

Maria Gan


Inspired by her personal story, Maria Gan gives us “Soul.” With her dreams of being a performer unfulfilled, she is strengthened by her passion and love for art.

You can watch the graduation show here, and browse through all the collections here.