Rachel Peters Wore A Stunning Maternity Gown For Her Wedding

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Miss Universe Philippines 2017, Rachel Peters, married the Governor of Camarines Sur, Migz Villafuerte, in a stunning custom maternity gown.

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Rachel Peters welcomed marriage and motherhood beautifully on July 16, 2021. She had a civil wedding at the Supreme Court during her seventh anniversary with her now-husband, Migz Villafuerte. She was engaged to the Governor of Camarines Sur way back in 2019. Due to the community quarantine imposed on Metro Manila, they had to postpone the ceremony. Nevertheless, love found a way and the two decided to tie the knot in a small and intimate wedding. In attendance were Migz and Rachel’s immediate family and a few close friends. After the wedding, they held the reception in The Blackbird at Nielson Tower with floral arrangements by Gideon Hermosa.

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Rachel had a beautiful maternal glow throughout the entire ceremony. She was glammed up by celebrity make-up artist, Jelly Eugenio, and celebrity hair artist, Paul Nebres. Her nails were done by renowned nail artist, Mimi Qiu Reyes. To top it all off, she wore a custom maternal wedding gown from JUST BONITA designed by Bonita Penaranda. We were surprised to see a brand known for its corsetry create a custom wedding gown fit for a pregnant woman. That’s why we’ve decided to contact designer, stylist, and makeup artist, Bonita Penaranda, to get the inside scoop on the maternal wedding gown.

MEGA: What was the inspiration behind the gown?

Bonita Penaranda: We want it to be simple and light looking dress since it’s just a simple ceremony. So we come out with this look. It’s made by woven cotton.

M: What were the considerations you had to make since Rachel is currently with child?

BP: Its very changing. It’s the first time for me to make a gown. Also, the baby bump was very challenging to work with because I want her to look sexy. That’s my style as you can see JUST BONITA is focused on corsetry. But, when they found out that she was pregnant and they decided to do a civil wedding, Rachel asked me to create a gown that was okay for the baby. She’s a good friend of mine since I styled her for Miss Universe, so I decided to take on the job. Also, I agreed to make her gown before she got pregnant. The only reason why it was postponed for so long was because of the pandemic. Although, it was all really fulfilling when I saw her pictures and knowing she’s officially married.

M: Does JUST BONITA make custom wedding gowns or was this a special request?

BP: She’s my friend, so I did it for her. Of course, I would love to expand– sino ba naman hindi, right?

M: Will JUST BONITA be offering a wedding collection in the future?

BP: Maybe. Let’s see the demand, but I’m open for everything. Will do my best to deliver.