QUIZ: Which Career Will You Most Likely Get After Quarantine?


People who know you would describe you as...

What is your hobby during quarantine?

What do you hate the most?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

What keeps you entertained?

Your proudest achievement during quarantine (so far)?

You are guilty of...

What Career Will You Most Likely Get After Quarantine?
Farmer or Botanist

You got Farmer or Botanist! This month-long quarantine period will make you become a certified green thumb and/or animal tender. Now thank your sprout and pat yourself on the back because your patience, thoughtfulness, and positive attitude are truly a light in these dark times.

You got Chef! You are experimental, a risk-taker, unafraid to try new things and create something beautiful out of it. This month-long quarantine period, you will see your potential in becoming a certified chef. So get those spices working, try out that new recipe you learned, and don't be shy to let someone taste your creation!

You got Barber! This quarantine period, you just can't seem to stay put and leave your hair or other people's hair alone. It may be because of your bangs, or it's just your way of coping with your anxiety or boredom. Keep this pace up and you'll become a barber in no time. But please - leave your microbangs alone!

You got YouTuber! Your constant habit of posting or sharing entertaining things online makes you someone definitely worth watching on YouTube! You've got a great sense of humor, you know how to have fun, you know what your audience wants to see, and you're not afraid to speak what's on your mind. People love seeing you on their timeline.
Journalist or Column Writer

You got Journalist! This quarantine period, you have been either non-stop sharing about the news, making long Facebook or Twitter posts about the government, or perhaps just sharing updates to your friends and family. This shows that you truly care for the nation and it reflects your independence, reliability, and strong will like a responsible journalist or an opinionated columnist.
Fitness Coach

You got Fitness Coach! It's important for you to be productive and you maximize your time daily so that you don't feel like you're vacant. You value fitness, health, and wellness in your everyday life and even if you're locked up inside your home for a month, you can turn any empty space into your own makeshift gym.

You got Barista! When life throws you lemons, you surely know how to make it into lemonade. You can get through life no matter what it throws at you and that reflects how strong you are and easy-going, You have a refreshing personality, one that is deeply felt by those around you. Just like the drinks you made while in quarantine!
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