All The Ways You Can Queer Eye Yourself To A Better Lifestyle

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To Queer Eye yourself is not as impossible as it appears to be.

I binge-watched Queer Eye Season 3 for one whole day and that says a lot about how much I love the show. It’s as educational and inspirational as it is entertaining. You have to admit, watching the show does make you feel things. Aside from being emotionally invested on the show, you also sometimes wish you’re the one being Queer Eyed (as they’d call it). You’re not alone because, admittedly, as am I. Believe it or not, it is possible to Queer Eye yourself just by picking lessons up from the Fab 5—Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Karamo Brown.

I am sure a lot of people can relate when I say “I want to be Queer Eyed too”. As I look back on the day I watched the show, I immediately had to mentally slap myself back to reality. Watching the latest season in one whole day also says a lot about the level of my productivity. To say that you want to change the way each episode’s hero did can’t be enough. Wishing for Fab 5 to come to the country isn’t going to change anything at all. Maybe it’s time we Queer Eye ourselves with lessons from each of the Fab 5 members.

Fast Fashion With Tan France

All The Ways You Can Queer Eye Yourself To A Better Lifestyle | MEGA

What I like the most about Tan France is that he’s consistently understanding of the subject’s living situation. He doesn’t change people’s fashion statements, he improves them or helps them find better solutions for their dilemmas. The best part of each encounter with him is when he asks people what they want to be seen as. Do you want to look like a girl boss or break gender roles with the clothes you wear? Want to find something comfortable that fits your fast-paced life? Tan understands every bit of the answer given to him before choosing pieces that can help get to the goal.

To know what you want to be seen as can be the easiest factor to consider when changing up the pieces in your closet. A powerful authoritative woman should look the part—precise and unafraid when it comes to her fashion choices. You should also consider the place you’re living in. Living in Manila—under the heat of the tropical sun—would always require anyone lighter and breathable clothes. If you don’t want to spend so much time in styling, take Tan’s advice and color story your ensemble. It’s is a certain palette to turn your ensemble into a cohesive fashion statement—now that’s a fool-proof way to cheat fashion.

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R&R With Jonathan Van Ness

All The Ways You Can Queer Eye Yourself To A Better Lifestyle | MEGA

It hit me when the first episode of Queer Eye Season 3 was about a woman who never had time to groom and pamper herself. I immediately hit the pause button and thought to myself, “when was the last time I went to the salon?” Turns out, it’s already been about 6 months. I don’t always go to the salon but when I do, I make drastic changes with my hair, keeping that look for a whole year. I am probably guilty with having a patch of “blorange”—a mix between blonde and orange—on my hair.

In the same episode, Jonathan Van Ness shared that going to the salon (a professional one, please) 3 times a year can be pretty life-changing. On a different episode (Jones Bar-B-Q), Jonathan added that having a moment to relax and pamper yourself because life can be pretty demanding at times. A little R&R every once in a while can help diminish the stress and make you a more pro-active and productive individual.

Easy And Healthy With Antoni Porowski

All The Ways You Can Queer Eye Yourself To A Better Lifestyle | MEGA

There are a bunch of different people featured on the show. All of them have varying level of expertise in cooking as well. But Antoni Porowski is simply all about trying something new without sacrificing food’s taste and nutritional value. In one episode, he even highlighted how a father of two has only been using butter to add flavor to everything he cooks—and that’s not healthy even for a child.

It all starts with the people you’re cooking for. Is it for yourself, a loved one, your whole family or maybe your peers? From there you would know what type of food should be served on the dinner table. If you don’t have time to cook, there are a bunch of recipes that are delectable and easy to prepare. Change up the way you fill up your pantry. Healthy choices make a huge difference. Utilize all your appliances and equipment. They’re not there as a mere display to make your kitchen look good. Most of all, don’t be afraid to explore the wonders of culinary—who knows, it can be your next passion project of sorts.

Investing Interiors With Bobby Berk

All The Ways You Can Queer Eye Yourself To A Better Lifestyle | MEGA

Watching Bobby Berk do his work on Queer Eye is one of the most satisfying parts of the show. He transforms spaces in ways no one can imagine. He knows all the right things to add, change, and remove from every single space he designs. It seems as if Bobby is all about adding space to everything and knowing what pieces to put in which area of the household.

Going through the episodes of Queer Eye Season 3, I noticed how Bobby has never been afraid of giving the subject furniture and appliances that are great investments. Maybe it’s time to change your coffee table into something indestructible in case fate decides you’re ready for a toddler. Switch an old fridge into one that’s more energy saving and efficient. Paint the cabinets instead of buying new ones. Pick contrasting colors to spice up your interiors and even make your place look spacious.

Self-Help & Self-Love With Karamo Brown

All The Ways You Can Queer Eye Yourself To A Better Lifestyle

The most emotional scenes usually play out with Karamo Brown guiding the hero. He’s out there giving physical challenges that represent their emotional struggles. Effectively enough, we’re usually driven to tears with the changes he helps the subject commit to. To Queer Eye yourself doesn’t always mean you need to do exactly what they do on the show. Getting help for mental and emotional issues can be a better idea in itself.

The process in getting help can be a whole journey on its own but it’s a process that will ultimately help you get by. But as the whole show projects, it’s all about loving yourself. Appreciating all the good things about yourself and accepting what you can not do can be a good step towards self-love. Seeing yourself on a different light would make you realize that sometimes your worst critic is yourself. You may be the only person putting yourself down. Now, ask yourself, are you being too hard on yourself?

Sitting down for a whole day watching the series did give me the idea to start the change in myself. After all, I may not actually need the Fab 5 to come down here and do the job for me. I can the only one to transform myself into a fabulous me.