Quarantine Hair Woes? Try These DIY Tricks From The Pros

Dandruff? Roots showing? We asked the pros to help us fix our ‘dos during the quarantine.

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After three weeks on lockdown, most of us have quickly realized how truly pampered we’d become, beauty-wise. Take your hair for example. It was so easy to get hair care products and tools, whether they were essentials or specialized ones. Whether you preferred to buy in-store or online in a site such as HairMNL.com, it was a cinch. And when it came to professional help, the city was packed with amazing and talented hairstylists and salons. 

But that’s all halted for now. And while we can still get the essentials from the supermarkets, hoarding, social distancing, and the general fear of going outside has made it a challenge to say the least. 

So, what do you do if you’re now stuck with hair that’s less a crowning glory and more like a mop of madness? Try out these pro-backed tips we have for you, plus product recommendations for when this quarantine is lifted and you can safely go back to your shopping habits once again. Let’s never take the beauty service industry for granted ever again. Got that? Good. Let’s start. 


So, the stress of Covid-19 disease, government ineptitude, and dealing with your family 24/7 has left you stretched and stressed out. Dandruff can happen, even to the best of us. What do you do if you don’t happen to have dandruff shampoo with you? 

For Katchie Mejias, a MEGA favorite and owner of Katch Beauty Lounge in Greenhills, the solution might just be in your pantry. “Apple cider vinegar is a natural treatment that works for me,” she says. “You mix a few tablespoons into water, apply on your scalp and let it sit for a good 15 minutes before rinsing out.” According to her, you will see results immediately as the apple cider vinegar balances out pH levels and removes dead skin cells. Another kitchen aid is coconut oil. “Use it as a conditioner,” she says. “It improves skin hydration and has antimicrobial properties to prevent fungus and soothe an inflamed, itching scalp.”

Francis Guintu, another noted hairstylist and purveyor of Culture Salon Manila in Taguig, echoes the benefits of coconut oil. And if you have an aloe vera plant in the garden, he suggests using its sap as it’s another tried-and-tested product to treat a multitude of hair woes. Other solutions lurking in the pantry? Calamansi and lemons. 

TIP: When the quarantine is over, head on the HairMNL.com to get a range of professional grade products delivered to your doorstep. They also offer expert advice and product recommendations. For dandruff they recommend DAVINES Naturaltech Purifying Shampoo (P1085) and DAVINES Essentials MOMO Conditioner (P1175). 


Grown-out bangs are a pain. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do in the meantime. Mejias suggests pinning them out of the way with a cute clip or braiding them if they’re long enough. But if you insist on keeping them on your forehead (those video con calls seem to make larger for some reason), she suggests an old school trick: velcro rollers. “Heat them with a blower and push them to the side,” she suggests. Medium-sized rollers generally work well with everyone. “It should roll no more than once around or else the velcro roller is too small,” says Guintu. 

TIP: With the onset of summer, setting your style is imperative. A fine mist of hairspray such as L’OREAL Tecni.Art Fix Anti-Frizz Spray (P750) will make it heat proof. 


Whether your grays are showing or your rainbow locks have grown out, dark or oddly colored roots are not the best look, unless you’re Billie Eilish or as young as her. You could touch up with supermarket-bought dyes, but you also run the risk of damaging your colorist’s job. Fear not as there are ways to keep them from looking too obvious. Guintu suggests an old editorial styling trick: mascara. “Style your hair to one side to expose only the regrowth on that part,” he says. “Take your wand and wipe off the excess. Rub your mascara wand lightly from the roots to cover white [hair]. It doesn’t have to be perfect!” 

When it comes to hairstyles, Mejias suggests leaving your part behind. “Refrain from having parted hair as you will notice the harsh line of grown out hair more. Instead, do a wet, brushed-up look. The transition will be much softer. You can also use twists and braids close to the scalp to break the harsh line.”

TIP: If you can, avoid heat-styling when you can. This will help your hair get back into tiptop shape. Do weekly hair masks to strengthen your strands. Try PHTYO Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Mask (P2250). 


This is a problem that most guys or those with short hair are likely to come across after a few weeks of quarantine. When clean lines are of the essence, grown-out hair can you make you look and feel unkempt. If DIY is out of the question, a little hair product goes a long way.
“Hair gels and wax are always handy when letting your hairstyle hold out a bit longer,” says Guintu. “If you’re used to having a high fade or trimmed ends then you’re probably not used to taking care of that. Take a bit of product and rub it across your palms and in wide, sweeping motions, style them back and away from your face.” For those with stubborn waves and curls, he suggests massaging gel into damp hair to set the texture in place.

Or you could just sit back and relax. “It is the perfect moment to focus on hair care and give your hair a break,” says Mejias. “Try to refrain from using anything that can damage your hair more. Stick to moisturizing and strengthening your hair strands and scalp to make it healthy again.” 

TIP: Invest in a good haircut and color. 

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