Kristal Reyes Is Making Rejuvenation Exciting with Pure Jus - Features
Kristal Reyes Is Making Rejuvenation Exciting with Pure Jus

Kristal Reyes Is Making Rejuvenation Exciting with Pure Jus

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Stroll through the Pure Jus founder’s 8-year journey that brought her vision of healthier juice alternatives for all a refreshing reality

Fruit juices have earned notoriety for being manufactured with unnecessary sugars and preservatives. In countering this reputation, cavalcades of juice brands both local and international have burgeoned in swimming against the currents of excess for healthier means. One local brand sprouted from the mere desire of a strong woman to share the successes she garnered in choosing and producing healthier juice alternatives.

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It starts with a drop

Much like the origin stories of iconic trademarks such as Coca Cola or Listerine, Pure Jus was born to fulfill a necessity. Founder Kristal Hierco Reyes was actively seeking for a lifestyle that prioritized healthy habits, but was also fun and fulfilling. In March 2013, she juiced her first glass; one which led to a sea of positive changes with herself in weight loss, brighter eyes, and increased bodily energy.

The happiness brought in enjoying the fruits of her lifestyle choices along with her passion for helping others, and the steadfast support of her loved ones. were the key ingredients in crafting the powerful concoction we now know today as Pure Jus.

The squeeze

There’s a touch of Kristal’s penchant for progress in each of her pursuits. It manifested in the initial goals she set for self-improvement with juicing, and it shined when she decided to turn this successful pursuit into a business. Most importantly, this penchant is tasted in each drop of Pure Jus’ products; as Kristal adds that in her constant commitment to developing Pure Jus that “Health Books will always be my friends.”

With Pure Jus’s steadfast growth having spanned a total of almost eight years; the young juice brand was able to perfect a total of five unique blends; each with its own special mix of fresh, organic produce and vital enzymes.

Magic and beyond

Kristal’s passion for continuous growth has also become embedded in the future of Pure Jus. Apart from launching their first detox programs, the brand has also put out three brand-new offerings with an added twist. Tagged as “The Magical Blends,” these fresh variants function as nutritional supplements and meal replacements and will aid people working under high-stress situations that plan on losing weight and getting healthy.

Pure Jus is also looking for ventures beyond the confines of the pandemic, as they eye for an opening of a small cafe location sometime in the near future. They look to utilize this expansion to a tangible venue for exposure to a broader market.

Going even further into the beyond, Kristal also dreams of expanding Pure Jus to other products such as salads, sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and other desserts to boot, while maintaining Pure Jus’s signature organic sensibilities.

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The cutting-edge quality of Pure Jus as a product is clear. It’s delicious. It comes in a cool bottle, and it offers as much nutrients as an entire fruit basket. The best thing about Pure Jus however, is beyond the product itself. The most essential ingredient that Pure Jus was able to add is the authenticity of its movement. In not advocating its juices as a magic potion that will melt all your health problems in one sip, the brand is helping you get off to a better start with your fitness journey, unlike other brands who have leaned towards making dubious, misleading claims before. Kristal and Pure Jus offer a product that’s greater than a quick fix; they are offering a refreshing kickstarter that may just push you to stand up and finally commit to health along with of course, exercise and a balanced diet.

Thinking of giving Pure Jus a try? Make sure to pay them a visit on their official website here, or over at their Instagram page here.