Prepare Your Hair For Its Next Beauty Transformation
Prepare Your Hair For Its Next Beauty Transformation

Prepare Your Hair For Its Next Beauty Transformation

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At the heart of the hair industry is self-expression. For those who love a new hairdo, one should always prepare for change and transformation. 

Before I even started to play around with my mom’s vanity table and borrowing a lipstick or two from my sisters, I always found that my hair was an extension of who I am. Having full control of what I do with it, I treated it as an accessory I wore every day to make myself stand-out. 

Up to this very day, I hold a belief that spontaneous hair transformations yield the best results. Based on experience, such as getting a goldilocks perm when I was 16, chopping my hair that reached up to my elbows into a bob-cut, trying out a pixie, bleaching my whole head platinum silver and the D.I.Y. blonde bangs, I have never regretted any of those decisions even when it was just done on a gut feeling. Nevertheless, there is one thing I wish I knew whenever I made major hair decisions–the importance of preparation. As much as I loved all these looks, it also came with a cost. 

Major hair fall, dry scalp, and breakage are just some of the few of the problems I had to fix because my hair wasn’t ready. Hair change can be emotional and as much as you prepare yourself before setting an appointment, your hair needs to be in the loop as well.

Based on experience, here are top tips for the big hair day:

On Bleaching Your Hair

Bleaching has a bad reputation of ruining your hair and essentially there’s some truth that. Although, when done correctly, you can minimize the damage that can be done. Your best friend when it comes to bleached hair is oil–natural and product-wise.

Avoid washing your hair for 2-3 days before bleaching. Bleach essentially strips away the moisture and color of your strands, so your scalp and roots need to be protected with the natural oil your hair produces. By doing so it also helps avoid scalp burns and root breakages. Aftercare is also a vital step in achieving healthy colored hair. Invest in good-quality products that will revitalized your hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs.

Try out Kérastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Repair Serum, a leave-in serum that uses iris root extract to moisturize dry hair after being chemically-treated.

On A Drastic Hair Chop

Just like any of us, our hair can feel uncomfortable when it comes to a drastic change. So before getting your hands on a pair of scissors and snipping away, give your hair time to adjust. If you’re starting with long–silky hair that passes your elbows, don’t go hacking away to chin-length chops. This will cause fly-away and split ends because your hair doesn’t know how to behave with its new length. Gradually cut the hair by going for shoulder-length first then after a few days, go for the shortness you want. This will help your hair understand the change it’s going through and keep it from freaking out. After a haircut, we also have to maintain the new style to keep its texture. 

Try out Kérastase Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Serum to strengthen weakened hair and reinforce the natural barrier of the scalp. This will help sustain the new life that the cut has given your hair. The jelly-like texture will help you run it smoothly through your scalp and strands without the worry of having it drip all over you.

On Getting A Perm

There’s no denying, curly hair can give you that extra oomph you need. However, perms work by using chemicals to change the hair texture, either creating waves or curls. A different texture means a different routine. You can’t get a perm and expect that the same shampoo and conditioner will do when you used to have straight hair. This will cause your curls to end up frizzy and dry. Pair it with proper products that are specially made for bouncy hair to keep it intact and volumized. Pamper yourself with a hair mask once or twice a week to achieve beautiful healthy curls.

Try out Kérastase Discipline Oleo Relax Voluminous and Unruly Hair Trio, which is a specifically-made set of shampoo, serum and hair mask for thick and tangled hair. This will help improve hair manageability while keeping it voluminous with a glossy shine.


On D.I.Y. Transformations

Hair grows back,” this is the phrase I say whenever I feel anxious about getting a new style. Hair holds no grudges and even when you take out your stress out on it as you cut, bleach, or take advantage of it, it’ll grow back just as healthy as ever. Never worry, because haircare has also innovated these past few years with new technology and products that could revive your hair from any mishaps. 

So, always remember, hair is a tool of empowerment with the freedom of choice. It’s a way to amplify your identity for a crowning glory that no one could ever miss. 

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