Plantista Manila Transform Homes With Orchid Blossoms

Plantista Manila Transform Homes With Orchid Blossoms

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Plantista Manila is here to help you bring a little piece of nature into your home to brighten up your space even on the darkest of days

During the height of the pandemic, many of us were forced to re-evaluate our priorities and find new ways to stay entertained. With the extra time on our hands and the need to keep our minds occupied, many of us have taken up new activities, from learning how to bake, cooking delicious meals based on online recipes to gardening and plant care. This shift in leisure activities has not only helped us pass the time but has also provided a sense of purpose and accomplishment in a time of uncertainty. Amidst this era of new discoveries, two certified plantitas, Pia and Jen, saw an opportunity to bring a touch of nature and positivity into people’s homes. 

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Plantista Manila Plant Decor

With the mission to help people create beautiful indoor gardens and bring a little piece of nature into their lives, Plantista Manila not only adds aesthetic value to homes but also provides a sense of wellness to one’s mental and physical state during the pandemic. 

A symbol of connection

Plantista Manila Plant Decor

With traditional gatherings and get-togethers put on hold, the owners of Plantista Manila were determined to find a way to commemorate special occasions and let their loved ones know they were remembered. As true Plantitas, they turned to the beauty and elegance of live Phalaenopsis orchids to make their sentiments known. 

Pia and Jen started sending out arrangements of these beautiful blooms to their family and friends, letting them know that despite the distance, they were cherished and celebrated. This act of kindness and thoughtfulness quickly caught on, and soon, Plantista Manila was born. Since then, Plantista Manila has held on to its mission—bringing nature, life, and positivity into people’s homes. 

A symbol of luxury

Plantista Manila Plant Decor
Plantista Manila Plant Decor

Plantista Manila takes pride in being one of the pioneers in providing life through high-quality blooms to its clients. Plantista Manila grew rapidly, becoming a symbol of luxury and refined taste by delivering only the freshest and highest quality plants. Plantista Manila meticulously sourced their blooms from Taiwan to provide only the freshest and highest quality plants. That’s why there is no doubt that the sweet summer blooms of Plantista Manila, paired with the striking appearance of Phalaenopsis orchids, became a symbol of luxury and refined taste in every household.

Plantista Manila has a prominent clientele despite being a small business for three years. They have created one of a kind orchid arrangements for the residences of Bea Alonzo, Heart Evangelista, former Vice President Leni Robredo, and VIP patients of Belo Medical Group

A symbol of hope

Plantista Manila Plant Decor

Plantista Manila has grown and flourished, becoming more than just a provider of indoor plants. Their products have become catalysts for creativity, productivity, and positivity. They act as a beacon of hope in a world that often feels uncertain and dark. With their mission of making the world a happier and lovelier place through exquisite orchid collections and arrangements, Pia and Jen have created a brand that is all about spreading love for all things beautiful and blooming. Their passion for plants is evident in every arrangement they create, and their commitment to quality and excellence sets them apart.

Indulge in luxury and bring a touch of the outdoors into your special celebrations with Plantista Manila. With services like orchid subscriptions, corporate gifting, custom-designed arrangements, and event styling, they are here to elevate your living and event spaces with their bespoke services.


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