Survivors Pink Themselves Up During Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Pink Yourself Up During Breast Cancer Awareness Month With These Survivors

Pink Yourself Up During Breast Cancer Awareness Month With These Survivors

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An oncologist and breast cancer survivors share how they have adapted to the new normal. These are the many ways you can Pink Yourself Up according to them.

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October is the busiest month for Breast Cancer Awareness organizations, such as the ICanServe Foundation. For this year’s festivities, they decided to partner up with FitFlop Philippines in a project called, “Pink Yourself Up.” The campaign consists of a series of talks that will raise awareness on the experiences of breast cancer survivors. All of this happened last October 24, 2020 via Facebook Live. The program was hosted by TV personality, Janeena Chan, who has lost her aunt to breast cancer not so long ago. She was joined by advocates, doctors, and survivors, such as: Dr. Samuel Ang, Nikoy De Guzman, Maricris Capistrano, and Keri Zamora. Here’s what we learned from the talk.
breast cancer, dr samuel ang
Dr. Samuel Ang said, “Mammograms don’t cause cancer.”

If you can, get a mammogram, because sometimes, breast examinations aren’t enough. We learned this from Dr. Samuel during his talk in Pink Yourself Up. He also debunked the myth of mammograms being the cause of Cancer. He compared the radiation levels of a mammogram to be equal to half a day of exploring in Boracay. Furthermore, he reassures the audience by informing them that mammograms are affordable and they do not inflict any type of pain.

Maricris Capistrano said, “Do not overlook early warning signs.”

Most women who have experienced breast cancer would agree that early detection puts you in a better path to recovery. Unfortunately for Maricris, she ignored the hugging feeling on the side of her breast until it became excruciatingly painful. She started to experience the weird sensation during Christmas, but was too preoccupied with the festivities to get herself checked out right away.
breast cancer, keri zamora
Keri Zamora said, “Don’t just do examinations on the breast area, but also the armpit area.”

Breast cancer lumps are usually found on the boob, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get other surrounding surfaces checked. Keri shares in Pink Yourself Up how her lump on the breast was only 2cm, but the pain she felt extended to underneath her armpit. The doctors found that this affected area was in fact bigger than the one found on her breast.

Nikoy De Guzman says, “We (ICanServe Foundation) promote and conduct early breast cancer detection programs in local communities- providing sustained access to accurate diagnosis.”

ICanServe Foundation teaches women how to do proper breast examinations. During the pandemic, they have not stopped fighting for the cause by working around the limitations and difficulties. Since the majority of the foundation’s board are breast cancer survivors, they know how to give the right type of support to those experiencing the battle for the first time.

There are many ways to educate, advocate, and support the cause. One of the ways you can help is by purchasing the FitFlop BCAM exclusive Haylie collection. The proceeds from this campaign will be donated to the ICanServe Foundation and will help aid their programs. If you’d like to know more, feel free to check out FitFlop Philippine’s Official Facebook Page.