Instant Pick-Me-Uppers To Add To Your Beauty Kit

There’s no harm in wanting to feel better in such strange and strenuous times. Sometimes, looking your best can help you feel like your best.

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We know life is a little complicated at the moment. Just as we adjust to things changing, there are times when it gets harder to process the reality we now live in. It’s normal to feel scared, anxious, and down in the dumps when there’s a lot going on in the world. But you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to feel better about yourself. Because the only thing you can control is your choices.

Life for the foreseeable future may be unusual and uncertain. Nevertheless, these are some instant beauty pick-me-uppers for when you want to feel and look beautiful at home.

Sisley’s Black Rose set


This Black Rose skincare set by Sisley has a comfortable texture that melts into the skin-like cream while remaining fresh and lightweight like a gel. The micro-pearls illuminate the face to give you a more rested, radiant and refreshed appearance. The hero product, the Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid, promises to instantly brighten, smoothen, and fade the dark shadows around your eyes.

Stila’s Pixel Perfect Concealer

Aside from skincare, makeup also helps in boosting your mood and confidence. Stila’s Pixel Perfect Concealer is all the rage right now because the product instantly erases dark circles, blemishes and skin imperfections with the stroke of a wand. Its easy-to-blend coated pigments provide natural-looking, lightweight, buildable coverage that stays put and flexible all day long – never creasing or caking.

The formula also includes Elderflower Extract to help de-puff the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. The Irish Sea Moss helps to improve skin’s texture, while Vitamin E protects skin from free radical damage.

Acca Kappa’s Sakura Tokyo

Certain scents, especially something you’ve never experienced before, can bring a sense of brand newness to your surroundings. (And don’t we need a dose of that these days.) Acca Kappa released a new scent from their Eau De Parfum line: a sight of Tokyo covered up with cherry petals, Sakura Tokyo is the new perfumery experience by Acca Kappa that encapsulates the beauty of the spring-like blooming. So just spritz that on and you’ll instantly feel like a new person.

You can find all the products at Rustan’s The Beauty Source. 

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