Discover Pia Wurtzbach’s Secret to Staying Fresh After Long-Haul Flights

After almost 3 months of being stuck indoors, there’s no doubt we’ve felt a little bit of wanderlust stirring inside of us. But until the pandemic has cleared up, we’re still left reliving old trips through photos on our phones and posting throwback pictures on social media. The thrill of flying over blue skies and a sea of clouds as you head to a new destination is an experience we all yearn for, but flying for long hours can also be harmful to your skin. The low level of humidity in planes can make your skin dry and flaky. And although you’re flying smoothly at cruising altitude, the height can decrease the blood flow in your skin, making you look dull. The dryness during flights is the reason why it’s best to catch up on your skincare in the plane.

olay skinfusion masks

As a veteran in long-haul flights, Pia Wurtzbach has mastered the art of in-flight skincare routines. During her flight to Rio de Janeiro for her #MakingMEGA cover shoot last January, she walked us through the steps she takes to avoid skin dryness. Aside from staying hydrated with water and getting some shut-eye, she let us in on her ultimate secret to staying fresh and glowing during flights: the Olay Skinfusion Mask.

pia wurtzbach wearing olay face mask while on flight

The rise of Korean face masks has prompted a new trend in the fashion scene. Olay has come up with a line of sheet masks that can effectively deliver results in as fast as 15 minutes and make them last for hours. The masks come in three variants: Camellia Nourishing Sheet Mask for hydration, Deep Sea Algae Healthy Aura Sheet Mask for brightening, and Sake Yeast Wrinkle Erase Sheet Mask for advanced anti-aging solutions.

For this trip, Pia used the Camellia Nourishing Sheet Mask. The mask itself is made of Japanese camellia fiber and oil. This natural ingredient is a rich source of antioxidants. It neutralizes free-radicals and it’s packed with Omega-6 fatty acids to boost skin hydration. The mask is also infused with niacinamide. Together, they provide the skin with intense moisture that can last for up to 8 hours, leaving her with a fresh glow the moment she hopped off the plane.

Learn more about the Olay Skinfusion Masks on Olay’s website. Olay is available on Lazada and Shopee.

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