Noah Centineo Is A Mark Ruffalo Lookalike—But Do They Agree?

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You’d think your mind is playing tricks.

For the past year, Noah Centineo has been the internet’s boyfriend. Since his breakthrough role in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ as Peter Kavinsky, the whole world can’t stop talking about him. He easily captured people’s hearts with his charming smile and lazy talking voice (I mean, who doesn’t love that vocal fry?) But as his fame shoots right up, people are also beginning to notice a few things about him and one of those is his resemblance with Mark Ruffalo. Apparently, Noah Centineo is a Mark Ruffalo lookalike.

These Photos Prove That Noah Centineo Is A Mark Ruffalo Lookalike

The resemblance is uncanny, even with the way they talk. Mark and Noah have both acknowledged this. It’s funny how Mark captioned Noah’s photo with “#TBT” and Noah quoted Fallon Tonight’s tweet of Mark and called the older actor his “son”.

In the late 1980s, Mark Ruffalo has begun his career as a television actor. As early as 1989, he’s already “Hulk”. On the same year, he’s in the Clearasil Double Clear commercial. The curly hair, the eyes, and even the smile—it can’t be denied that Noah Centineo is basically Ruffalo himself and even Centineo agrees with it himself.

These Photos Prove That Noah Centineo Is A Mark Ruffalo Lookalike

Through Centineo’s reign as internet boyfriend of 2018 (probably about to take over 2019 as well with his new Netflix movie, The Perfect Date), a lot of people felt uncomfortable admiring the 22-year-old. Well, here’s one for you: Mark Ruffalo circa 1989. While Ruffalo humbly dismisses the claims saying that he wishes “he was that good looking”, we must all agree that their similarity would even make it hard to identify the two with photos put together. The Ruffalolookalike is hoping, though, to have the older be cast as his father in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’.

Now, who wants to see the two together in a film? Perhaps a father-and-son series?