Express Love with Utmost Finesse and Luxury
Express Love with Utmost Finesse and Luxury

Express Love with Utmost Finesse and Luxury

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Petalier Inc. will make you expect nothing short of extraordinary

Celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are all toned down given these trying times. Since a vast majority of people don’t have the luxury to celebrate like before, they would instead set up video calls with their loved ones just to have some hint of normalcy. It’s a big adjustment, and it’s no secret that these adjustments had to be made. However, that still didn’t stop Petalier Inc. from doing what it does best by bringing luxury celebrations and relaxation straight to everyone’s doorsteps.

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Petalier Inc. has been redefining luxury from the moment their flagship brand Petalier blossomed five years ago. They led the way by introducing the first boxed Ecuadorian rose arrangements in the Philippines. A combination of lush floristry and exquisite quality materials help create their classically beautiful arrangements that celebrities and influencers became fond of. Apart from that, Petalier Inc. expanded the idea of what it now means to celebrate by developing Blloons. Blloons prides itself in providing made-to-order jumbo balloon bouquets and ornate blown-up installations. As expected, both Petalier and Blloons quickly changed the game as they became premium gift options for those big, romantic gestures.

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Self-care can be rewarding too

Their newest venture now leans towards self-care and relaxation with the introduction of Chandelle de Petalier. The latest in this trifecta of elegant luxury provides a fleeting experience of smelling fresh flowers with their glass jars filled with hand-poured artisanal candles. Their first scent, Rose Reverie, fills any room with the enchanting aroma of rose and vanilla. Not only that, but it also has a hint of candied black currants and oakmoss for that subtle earthy touch. Along with its sophisticated packaging, the Chandelle de Petalier truly embodies what luxurious comfort is.

Petalier Inc. has exemplified what it means to celebrate and express love with utmost finesse. Visit the Instagram accounts of  Petalier, Blloons, and Chandelle de Petalier, as well as their website to know more about their beautifully crafted products.