Five Scents You Need On Your Body Right Now To Bring Out Your True Self

Know which scent fits your friends and family perfectly in this roundup of personality traits and a complementary Shiseido Fragrance

Personalized gifts always have a touch of charm to them. What are you going to do with that nth box of chocolates or basic tee? Make your next surprise extra special by giving the gift of a new scent to your friends and family. New year, new scent perhaps? We’ve gathered the five most common notes in fragrances and match them with who this will be perfect for. In addition, we also included our Shiseido Fragrance recommendation that embodies this note perfectly. Who do you think fits our descriptions well?

Floral notes for my fair lady

Dolce Peony Eau de Parfum

Floral scents are everyone’s go-to for a romantic and feminine touch. Flower extracts also help uplift one’s spirit through its aromatherapeutic properties. For a fresh floral note, peonies are sought after. Its iconic white and pink hues alone are dainty in appeal, and are often associated with cheerful and young personalities. For a touch of positive energy, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces Dolce Peony Eau de Parfum. Fresh, free and deliciously feminine, this new scent brings to the garden a cheerful riot of colour. Perfect for blissful teenage girls or young adult women wanting to feel the freshness of a flower garden, the Dolce Peony Eau de Parfum will surely delight.

Spice notes for a striking allure

K by Dolce&Gabbana

There are two kinds of spice notes used in fragrances. One is an intense punch that sparks spirits and turns heads, giving a wow factor from the get-go. The other is a gentler, lingering scent that is reminiscent of cartoon skits where the smell of freshly-baked pie pulls everyone around it. These notes are best for the attention-seekers such as the big boss who wants to grab the room’s attention–empowered and irresistible. You would rarely find the punchier kind of spice in fragrances, but that didn’t stop K by Dolce&Gabbana to capture the essence of a man in his element–intense, magnetic, a true stand-out. At its heart is a dash of pimento, accentuating its woody base. This is a perfect crowning glory for a man who is not afraid to charm through his undying charisma.

Musk notes for those on the naughty list

Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her Eau de Parfum

Centuries ago, the musk note in fragrances was thought to be an aphrodisiac since the scent was traditionally harvested from male musk deer–a scent used to attract mates. Nowadays, musk has become the scent of masculinity due to hints of leather and wood, but also houses hints of sweetness and cream. Its balanced composition but subtle touch of warmth and sensuality make it perfect for romantics, such as those who would wish to captivate or would frequent dates with their loved one. To amp up the intensity, Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her Eau de Parfum keeps musk at its heart. This scent is boosted by a rare weave of rose, peach, and amber. For an enduring intensity that is intimate and sensual, For Her by Narciso Rodriquez can keep you busy all night long. It’s a perfect gift for someone who’s still searching for the one or who can’t get enough of romantic nights out.

Wood notes for the venturesome

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme from Issey Miyake

Harnessed from nature’s greatest gift to mankind, woody notes can trigger a whole collective of scent profiles that range from soothing and therapeutic, to rich and complex. Sandalwood, to be specific, is valued for its sweet, balsamic fragrance that satisfyingly lingers. As its origin suggests, wood notes are perfect for the adventurous who are always set to try out something new. Making masterful use of this essence–even through the slightest hint of it–is L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme from Issey Miyake. Each bottle is a mixture of rare notes that evoke excitement and serenity simultaneously. Its light and fresh citrus base from the Yuzu fruit is given a dash of sandalwood for a unique profile. It is class and sophistication in one bottle–a scent most haven’t tried before. Made for the true experience-seeker, this fragrance is a must-give.

Citrus notes for the visionaries of today

Elie Saab’s Girl of Now Forever

For a refreshing touch to your fragrance, nothing beats the zesty punch of citrus notes. They’re sought after for capturing a bright and optimistic mood that’s easy to wear, elegant, and soothing. Citrus notes are perfect for the artistic and creative woman who always needs a burst of freshness for those bright, new ideas. For that fresher, colorful, and more fun approach at life, Elie Saab’s Girl of Now Forever is the fragrance of choice. It’s bold optimism and joyful femininity is highlighted by a refreshing wave of Lebanese lemonade, a mixture of lemon zest and raspberry notes. More than a fragrance, the Girl of Now Forever is an ode to a more colorful outlook in life. This is the perfect gift for a friend who needs to get their creative juices flowing. 

Make your gifts memorable with a Shiseido Fragrance you, your friends, and your family can wear daily. To shop more Shiseido Fragrances, visit their fragrance brands listed on their website.

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