Why New PH Awardee Patrick Starrr is the new symbol of pride in the Filipino LGBT community

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World-renowned beauty vlogger Patrick Starrr deserves, more than anyone the iconic New PH Award for Beauty and LGBT Advocacy for taking pride in who he is, where he came from, and what he’s passionate about, as well as inspiring other people to be resilient and overcome their struggles.

The scope of being called a source of pride to a nation he holds near and dear, despite not being reared in it, is so special to him, especially because he and his brothers were raised traditionally Filipino by his parents. “It means so much that Filipinos are so proud [of me] because I’m very much rooted in my Filipino culture. And it’s so awesome to inspire those who have parents who don’t really pursue something like this. It’s cool to show these parents that following your dreams can come true,” he shares. Eternally grateful and constantly striving to be the best at whatever pursuits he sees fit, the YouTube beauty sensation swears that for all his success, it is rooted in the things that truly matter—his family, his fans and most importantly, to himself.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen salutes you.