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Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Day 2 Took Us On a Roller Coaster of Moods
By Jeb Fronda
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From the glitz and glamour of Day 1's party folk, we unwind and get back to the real world and deal with our everyday moods. From fast-paced tailored work wear to a melancholic showcase of lace and ruffles, the designers of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Day 2 takes us on a roller coaster of moods. Related: Local Designers Get The Party Started For Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Day 1 [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" size="wcstandard" columns="6" ids="127131,127132,127133,127134,127135,127136,127137,127138,127139,127140,127141,127142,127143"] KC PUSING The mood was dark and felt like any movement you make will cost you your life as KC Pusing seemed to have recreated a new breed of vampires that are dressed to the nines! From structured tailoring to body hugging silhouettes, the colors ranged from neutral grays, blacks and blood red. The pairing of pieces in every look became lethal combinations on the runway.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" size="wcstandard" columns="6" ids="127182,127183,127184,127185,127186,127187,127188,127189,127190,127191,127192,127194,127195,127196,127197"] WILBUR LANG A designer know for tailoring and over-sized silhouettes, Wilbur Lang opted to combine his expertise in suiting with feminine details such as lace and ruffles. Still keeping to his aesthetic, he kept it tough with suit fabrics as well as an insertion of leather in some looks. To balance this out, airy fabrics and loose silhouettes was expertly added to the set.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" columns="8" size="wcstandard" ids="127119,127130,127129,127128,127127,127126,127125,127124,127123,127122,127121,127120"] JINGGAY SERAG This season, Jinggay designs for the woman on-the-go. Tailored jackets and bright shirt-trouser combos were a highlight in the collection. Sheer was also a main factor as it was rendered into see through button-downs, skirts and even tailored trousers. Including a few evening looks, Jinggay focuses on a woman's everyday journey.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" columns="6" size="wcstandard" ids="127105,127106,127107,127108,127109,127110,127111,127112,127113,127114,127115,127116,127117,127118"] HARVIC DOMINGUEZ Springtime is on full swing on the Harvic Dominguez runway. A celebration of color and texture, the collection was a rich combination that became easily identifiable as a part of a whole. From Harvic's plaids and wild west aesthetics last season, he proves that he has more to offer with his skills in knitting and combining fabrics and create pieces that are fun and wearable.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" size="wcstandard" columns="8" ids="127144,127145,127146,127147,127148,127149,127150,127151,127152,127153,127154,127155,127156,127157,127158,127159"] RICA RICO Where are you heading? asks Rica Rico this season as she combines jet-set style with resort wear vibes. With day dresses perfect for a stroll on the streets or Paris, she balances this out with cool separates in bright shades imagined bathing under the shade of palm trees. Whether you stay in the city or fly out to the islands, Rica Rico has got you covered.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" captions="hide" size="wcstandard" columns="7" ids="127060,127061,127062,127063,127064,127065,127066,127067,127068,127069,127070,127071"] NAOKI MORITA Its all about the uncoventional when it comes to Naoki Morita.  With a first look full of dark piping and tassels, it was easy to know that it was time for Naoki. Fabric renderings from crumpled pieces to asymmetrical ruffle layering, it was a surprise to see pieces that are clean and straightforward. Best pieces of the collection would be the architectural short dresses that didn't fail to make a statement.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" columns="7" size="wcstandard" ids="127085,127096,127095,127094,127093,127092,127091,127090,127089,127088,127087,127086"] DAK BONITE Imagine a well-dressed widow attending her husband's funeral---melancholy of the stylish kind. It is the persona of Dak Bonite's latest collection. A flurry of ruffles, lace and velvet, each piece evoked emotion and drama perfect for a show. The ultra-feminine silhouettes combined with different textures of lace and ruffle placements was the theatrics we all needed.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" columns="7" size="wcstandard" ids="127097,127098,127099,127100,127101,127102,127103"] DARYL MAAT Darly Maat takes us to the streets as he reimagines the Filipina and dresses her in 21st century cool. From bomber barongs and vests to couture-like fully embellished tops, he completes his collection with cool dark fabrics manipulated into asymmetrical pleats, oversized jackets and crop tops that give just the right amount of attitude.   [gallery display="sliderauto" targetsize="wcstandard" size="wcstandard" columns="7" ids="127073,127074,127075,127076,127077,127078,127079,127080,127081,127082,127083,127084"] CHRIS DIAZ We get into a style institution with Chris Diaz this season. Spectacled men and woman headed out to the runway in fully-styled form of black and white stripes and black roses perched on their shoulders. Aside from expertly combining bright colors with start black and whites the best part of the pieces were the harnesses, belts and bags that came with each look.   [gallery targetsize="wcstandard" size="wcstandard" columns="1" link="file" display="sliderauto" captions="show" ids="127160,127161,127162,127163,127164,127165,127166,127167,127168,127169,127170,127171,127172,127173,127174,127175,127176,127177,127178,127179,127180"] YONG DAVALOS Yong Davalos is all about the brights and the sparkles! From bright colored co-ords to fully sequined looks ready for the spotlight, Yong creates a collection for the woman who likes to be at the center of the action. Incorporating artistic prints and micro plaid prints was a good breaker from all the statement looks. She closes the show with an ultra-feminine fully-sequined strappy gown that was every bit chic and unapologetic.  
Photography by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100