These Makeup Artists Picture The Beauty Looks For These Oscar Nominees
And The Oscar Goes To: These Makeup Artists Picture The Beauty Looks For These Academy Award Nominees

And The Oscar Goes To: These Makeup Artists Picture The Beauty Looks For These Academy Award Nominees

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Every Oscar-nominated actress is a sight to behold in the red carpet. As we take the ideation of their beauty looks to the next level, MEGA asks these makeup artists to create the most fitting beauty looks for these nominees. 

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After landing the highly coveted roles in the film scene, our favorite stars have once again gathered in this award-winning moment. And just as how we anticipate who will bag the awards this 92nd Academy Awards, we are very much on the look out for their beauty looks at the red carpet as well. Indeed, these makeup artists were visionaries in beauty and beyond. See below how they pictured the beauty looks of some of the Oscar-nominated actresses.

Owen Sarmiento for Florence Pugh

“Makeup for the Oscars should always be timeless and beautiful, just like the beauty of Florence Pugh. But this time, I’d like to see something different on her. Those beautiful hues of ochre, muddy browns, or dirty yellow softly blow out on her eyes, paired with a full dark berry lip but smudged, all against a beautiful porcelain skin. A little bit of fashion edge.” Owen Sarmiento is all for what would be complementing for Florence on the totality of her look. Highlighting a powerful beauty look, he gave Florence a statement eyes and bold lips.

Jason Delos Reyes for Laura Dern

“The focal point of this look is her lips. But, instead of red lips I like to play around with matte fuchsia pink, which compliments any skin tone. For her hooded lids, I did a thin liner and instead of going for the typical black color, I opted for dark brown to emphasize her blue eyes. Adding to that beautiful effect, I applied an earth tone shimmer for when every time she closes her eyes, there’s a glimmer. In creating thicker brows, I filled in a bushy brow style for Laura Dern’s natural thin brows. I particularly bronzed on the perimeters of her face to create a dimension.” With predominantly hazel hues, Jason Delos Reyes’ look for Laura Dern seems beautifully subtle. The gradience of the fuschia pink lips is one fearless look.

Chuchie Ledesma for Saoirse Ronan

If I remember the story correctly, Jo’s one of the eldest of the sisters, and this look picks up from that,” says makeup artist, Chuchie Ledesma. “Anyway, her fresh bare-faced look represents her as a big sister: gentle, caring, and affectionate. While the solid, downturned blue liner represents her feisty boyish side.”

For her imagination of the prolific Saoirse Ronan for the Oscars, Chuchie details the face chart in detail: “It starts with a wash of peachy-coral eyeshadow, no falsies. I also wanted to emphasize her naturally droopy eyes with the downturned dark-ish royal blue liner, which is framed by brushed up brows. For the skin, no foundation just concealer on the under eyes so her freckles shows through. Highlighter to sculpt her face instead of using bronzers or contour powders. Then, I added a hint of pink/peach on her lips.”

Xeng Zulueta for Cynthia Erivo

“It’s a neon coral satin lips with a coordinated subtle contour blush and highlight on top of the cheek bones. The eye shadow is color blocked with the pantone color of the year for 2020 which is classic blue, but my take is a more punchy blue to compliment the neon lip. I finished off the look with super lashes to make the eyes pop. Also, I think the punchy colors will look great on her skin tone.” Xeng Zulueta knew what makeup look would be flattering to Cynthia Erivo. While sticking to the classic blue pantone for the eyes, Xeng still paid attention to what lip and cheek color would accentuate it.