Original Sang’gres Of Encantadia Reunite For Another Mystical Adventure Film

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The women of Encantadia reunite with director Mark Reyes for iflix’s ‘Mystified’.

Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Karylle, and Diana Zubiri are back with more action and magic on their hands. It can be remembered that the original Sang’gres of Encantadia teased everyone with a reunion project at their interview with MEGA Magazine. Recently, the mystery project has been confirmed—they’re back for more magic with iflix’s ‘Mystified‘.

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The film stars the four as what appears to be the savior of “non-magic folks” who are in danger from Sunshine Cruz’s wrath. Let’s just say they’re just as feisty as—if not even more than—when they’re the protectors of Encantadia. Check out the teaser trailer below: