Is The Future Of Fitness Right In Your Own Home? Here’s What You Can Do In The Interim

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Oh, how we’ve missed going to the gym for spinning, rowing, yoga classes, and more. While we wait for our these spaces to reopen, you can continue your fitness journey right in your own home without compromising the fun of doing it with your gym buddies and real-deal equipment. 

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It looks like we won’t be going back to our gym, at least not anytime soon. In this quarantine classification which we are currently under, more and more businesses are allowed to resume operations. However, since excessive sweating is susceptible to moisture and damp areas, fitness centers are still at high-risk for germ contamination. Meaning, it’s hard to keep safe if we were at any point looking forward to going back anytime now. Just like any of us, we can’t wait to get fully engaged to our cardio and strength routines.

As we wait for what lies ahead in the future of fitness, could it eventually be right in our own home? Ever since the lockdown has taken effect, a lot of us had to make do with working at home, recalibrating our routines to simplified and sensible versions. Now, it looks like fitness studios are following suit, partnering with us on our journey to achieving a healthier lifestyle, even helping us get through our home workouts with online sessions and for sale and for rent gym equipment.

Attend online classes

Let’s admit it, regardless of how much motivated you are to workout at home, it’s still hard to do it on your own without a calendar or pattern of routine and a professional to guide you in doing it. Even when you’re staying at home, you can up your fitness game with spin classes, strength workouts, yoga sessions, and more tapping digital platforms. How? Check our list of some of your favorite fitness spots that provides online fitness sessions while we’re still in quarantine.

Saddle Row

Photo from @saddlerowph on Instagram

With Saddle Row’s Mid-Year Pack, you can have and all-access pass to ride, row, and realign online for only P1200. Their online class that will run for 10 days lets you exercise with 12 distinct signature variations and comes with over 40 classes per week. Each person to avail has a limit of two rounds. Saddle Row shares per week schedule on their social channels.

Ride Revolution

Ride Revolution keeps us in the zone with #TheRevolutionAtHome. From full body conditioning to engaging your core, warming up to cooling down techniques, the Ride Revolution team regularly posts routines on Instagram for our home workouts. Watch out for Ride Revolution’s live online cycling, which they offer from time to time.

Kinetix Lab

Known for their specialization on strength training, Kinetix Lab continues to help you keep you body strong with their online classes with their esteemed coaches. They even get a little personal with us as they share fitness insights and tips on how to stay on your game. On Kinetix Lab’s IG TV, the team also checks on your nutrition and suggests which diet might suit you well.

BARE Manila

Introducing Bare At Home, Bare Manila points out the best part of the day is working at home with their live classes that can change your body. Turning your home into a zero-judgment zone of connection, motivation, and sharing of experiences, Bare offers extensive workout programs with a Bare coach and Bare fam community for only P700 for one week.

Perigon Fitness Studio

The Perigon Stay-In Club encourages progress instead of perfection. Even the quickest workout each day can go a long way. Perigon offers live fitness sessions 7 days a week with Perigon 60s, Post-ride 15s, Throwback Thursdays and many more to enjoy. You can choose from Drop-in, Unlimited 10 day to 1 month access, or the free-for-all classes every twice a month.

Yoga Plus

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Transform your mental, physical, and emotional health with Yoga Plus’ livestream sessions. Yoga Plus Virtual Studio offers 30-day wellness program for a serene mentality and a relaxed and happy well-being. With all the uncertainties, these yoga sessions can help you regain focus and coordination.

Ultra Lagree

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For different workout burns per day, Lagree+ Off The Studio has six new workouts from your ULTRA coaches depending on which body enhancement you wish to target. Whether strengthen, build, tone, shred, or restore, Ultra Lagree offers effective workouts from FLOW, HIIT x LIT, and more.

Elev8 Fitness Studio

Elev8 Fitness Studio offers unlimited sessions for P1750, a 10-day unlimited package that includes 3 class types and 16 classes a week. On their Instagram account, you can also get quick routines for free from Elev8 instructors during Elev8 Move of the Week.

Flyweight Boxing

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Get your punches and kicks stronger with Flyweight’s online access pass. This 60-minute online classes for a whole week is available at P1,000 and will definitely kickstart beginner’s boxing habit. Flyweight also offers 45-minute boxing session on Zoom for free to learn about the basics and fundamentals.

Buy your own fitness kit

Go off the mat and purchase your own bike or megaformer from your fitness studios. Now, you can easily join online live cycling sessions and lagree fitness just like how yo do it in the studio before quarantine. Without doubt, these machines allows you unlimited burn at home and it’s a pretty good investment. After all, it’s for living a healthier lifestyle while you’re at home.

Below are the list of the fitness studios that lets you buy your own or rent equipment.

Saddle Row’s Ride-At-Home Kit 

Photo from @saddlerowph on Instagram

Complete with a set of everything that you’re going to need to sweat off, the Ride-At-Home kit is available at P45,000 and comes with 180-day unlimited Ride & Realign online class subscription.

Ride Revolution’s Indoor Cycling Bike

Don’t just sign up for Ride Revolution’s live cycling class, make sure to get your own Schwinn IC8 Indoor Cycling bike, built with the latest cycling bike specs to get the full experience. Ride Revolution’s Schwinn IC8 Indoor Cycling bike is available at P63,000 and has an inclusion of 1 month subscription.

Ultra Lagree’s Megaformer

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At your own pace and space, you can bring Ultra Lagree’s Megaformer right in your own homes. The Megaformer comes with free 10 private sessions that are P8,000 worth.

Perigon’s Rent to Own Bikes

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By simply letting you rent at first Perigon’s Schwinn AC Sport Carbon Blue, an economical indoor bike model from Schwinn line, you can get to own the same bike until you pay a total of P90,o00. The rental starts with P18,000 per month that comes with bike, pair of shoes, and pair of dumbbells.

Flyweight Boxing

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If you find boxing as one of the workouts that suits you best, Flyweight can deliver a boxing bag right at your doorstep for P14,500 each while it is also available for rent at P8,500 for 30 days. Whether you’re renting it or buying your own, Flyweight grants you an inclusion of 1 month unlimited access pass to online classes.