List of Online Delivery Services For All Your Shopping Needs
List of Online Delivery Services For All Your Shopping Needs

List of Online Delivery Services For All Your Shopping Needs

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As we gradually shift into this new normalcy, stocking up on essentials is a step to get back into the right mindset. 

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That said, there’s no need to schedule a grocery or shopping run when the pantry is empty with snacks, beverages, and bread. Your favorite essentials could be just a few taps away. Here, we list down a guide on all the apps and websites you can check out for your daily cravings, grocery needs, and clothing essentials.

All you have to do is add the things you need to your cart and their delivery services will conveniently bring them to your doorstep.

1. For your grocery needs

The Six Pack Chef – Healthy, all-natural, and quality groceries delivered straight to your doorstep. The Six Pack Chef Grocery also offers next day delivery.

Landers – Order your groceries online at Landers and have them delivered on the 2-hour slot of your choice.

Frozen is a frozen food delivery to Metro Manila customers. They have a 150 flat delivery up to 10Kg and Cash on Delivery is available.

MetroMart – MetroMart offers over 10000 products. Your order can be delivered within 90 Mins. Brands include S&R Supermarket, Pet Express, Watsons, FamilyMart, Toy Kingdom, and more.

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2. For your random food cravings

GrabFood – Take a look at all the open milk tea places, burger joints, and anything you could possibly crave for.

Food Panda – Customers can now order products and groceries without any minimum order requirement. They can have items delivered right to your doorstep at an average delivery time of 25 minutes or less.

3. For your clothing and accessory needs

Shopee – You can discover amazing deals for Shopee’s Fashion Fair June 2020. From basic tees to the trendiest outfits and accessories, this is the go-to online shopping app for you.

The Specialist – If you’re looking for high-class brands, such as Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, The Specialist is an At Home concierge service created by the SSI Group to help facilitate and assist customers with their shopping needs via direct digital communication with customers and delivery at home or curbside pick-up.

4. For your beauty and skincare needs

innisfree – innisfree is now accepting deliveries for your skincare and beauty needs. Check out their website for the available products.

Beauty MNL – For a broader list of beauty and skincare needs, check out BeautyMNL for the products available for delivery.

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For a little bit of everything

Lazada – Support local and take a look at the broad roster of local products and businesses on their platform. As Lazada partnered with DTI Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion, more than 400 MSMEs under DTI Go Lokal and DTI Virtual Trade Fair will be onboarded on the platform enabling them to sell online and reach more customers.